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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our House

Jason and I have been in such a whirlwind lately, that I just realized we haven't even told you where we are living. Although, we wanted to shop for our perfect "first home" together, we made a very adult decision and decided to live in Jason's current house for a few years until the market is better to sell in. Don't get me wrong- Jason's townhouse is great-it's just not our dream home and I was afraid it wouldn't feel like "our" home, but as "his" home.

It really is growing on me though. I feel very safe in it and it is so warm and cozy! Here is the grand tour...please keep in mind that we are still settling in and making changes to it.

Stats on the house: 3bdrm/2.5 bath/2 stories/2 car garage and a back patio

Here is the front entrance - view is from the top of the stairs.

Living room- I love the hardwoods and the fireplace. Jason loves our new TV.

Another view of the living room...our furniture and decorative items mixed and matched really great together!

View of living room from the kitchen...notice Jason in his usual spot watching a scary movie! You can also see Tucker's blankie where he likes to sleep behind the couch.

There is a space between the living room and the kitchen that could be used for a dining room, but we turned it into a cozy little sitting area. I like to read there, J likes to do work also always ends up being where we have coffee together in the morning or talking about our days in the evening.

Another reading nook that J created for me under the stairs!

The kitchen...notice my Orla Kiely is from her less expensive Target collection!

This is the cute fireplace in our bedroom...and yes our bedroom walls are red-not my doing, but we will hopefully change that soon. They make me crazy.
The master bedroom is great because it is huge, but the bathroom and closets could definitely be bigger...a girl can only dream!

This is our "guest bedroom," meaning soon it will be a guest bedroom. For now, it is my office/extra closet/place to put my girly decorative items/wedding registry central! That is a project for a long weekend. I do like doing my homework there though!

The other bedroom or really, Jason's office...very manly! This room also has another closet that is full of my clothes...basically I have clothes all over the entire house...can we say time to clean-out?
And yes, those are peacock feathers in a vase on his desk. We collected those at the site where we were married when we first started dating and no, we did not pluck them out of the birds...they were on the ground!

Jason is painting our upstairs hallway right now and he decided to leave me a message the other night!

Good night everyone! Please pray for me on Wednesday night- I have a huge Finance midterm that is stressing me OUT!

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  1. You blogged and made enchiladas all on the same night! I am so proud of you! : ) The house looks great.



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