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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lindsey & Jody's Wedding - Part II

Jody and Lindsey's wedding was absolutely beautiful! Jason was so cute standing next to the groom and did a great job ushering in everyone including the grandmothers. Jody and Lindsey had a string quartet play great music before and during the ceremony including "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and the "Rocky" theme song as they were announced and excited the chapel!

After the ceremony, we were ushered outside the ranch for a cocktail hour. Old Glory Ranch is very beautiful and rustic...truly Lindsey and Jody.

Here I am with the beautiful bride:

Awful picture, but I wanted to show you the back of the dress!

Jenni, a friend and coworker of mine. Wedding bells will be ringing for her soon!

Yes, that is a donkey. There were two that greeted all of the guests as we exited the chapel. It was a part of the "waitstaff" and had Coronas and water bottles in their baskets.

Lindsey's mom surprised her with what I named a "Scrapbook" cake. It was made out of cardboard and had different elements of their lives like horses, chihuahuas and hunting items.

The bride and groom...

Another unique element was a "guest book quilt." Everyone could sign a square with sweet notes and words or wisdom to later be made into a quilt for Jody and Lindsey!

And back inside...things were getting set for the reception. Loved her cake! It was so yummy too!

Closeup with bridal bouquet!

And the groom's cake...

Just before the bride and groom had their grand finale sparkler or as Jody called it "firework" exit, Lindsey changed into a short white and gold strapless dress and cowboy boots. Note: that is not Jody in the picture.- have no idea who that is.

And what would a wedding be without the "Soldier Boy?" Jason- I love you!

After lots of dancing...

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