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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cadbury SCREME Egg

You don't have to wait until Easter to get a Cadbury Cream Egg!  This year, you can buy a Cadbury Screme Egg.  Love these so much...they even have a little Halloween twist in the middle with green gooey goodness!  Thanks Ashley for telling me about were right, CVS has them!


  1. Well, it looks totally disgusting which is a total plus for Halloween!

  2. I love these so ill have to look for them. I agree the green inside is a little weird. Ha!

  3. This was the worst post ever Chelsea!!! Do you know how much I obbess over Cadbury creme eggs?!? My waistline is not a fan of you right now... and I can't figure out how to make an angry smiley face at you. Oh well. I need to go run to CVS anyway. ;-)



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