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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 10 Pregnancy Update

Not ready for belly pictures yet!  I feel bigger, but it just looks like I ate too much Mexican food at this point.  Jason and I officially found our doctor last week and had a great appointment.  I got all of my lab work done, met and interviewed the entire office staff and did another ultrasound.  It's crazy how much bigger Baby P is after just a few weeks.  We even got to see Baby P move around a bit this time. 

Baby P is the size of a date this week. 

I'm not technically in maternity clothes yet, although I've pulled out some of my tops that are very flowy and loose just to be comfortable.  Most everything still fits, but I just get self conscious about how tighter things look on me right now.  My regular pants still fit. 

Still feeling nauseous, but not nearly as bad.  Mostly, I'm just so, so tired.  Tucker feels my pain!

I've been craving orange juice and oranges non stop.  I can't get enough ice water.  And Mexican food is ALWAYS on my mind, although I was pretty much like this pre-pregnancy, it's just a little worse now.  Don't worry, I only give in to this desire once a week. 

Because I've been so tired I'm finding it hard to get to the gym after work.  I have been walking a lot in the afternoon.  Maybe that's why Tucker is so tired. 

I've been reading lots of pregnancy books including Rosie Pope's new book, Mommy IQ.  My favorite so far is probably The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy just because it's so honest and funny.  I read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy earlier this year, but I'm thinking about re-reading it because it was so darn funny and now so applicable!  

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