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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fifty Shades of Pale

After I attended the Houston Blogger Symposium, I ran home for a quick rest and then headed out the door for White Salon's Fifty Shades of Pale fundraiser and silent auction for melanoma cancer research.  I attended with my mom who is also a client of White Salon.  We were so excited to support the salon and Allison, our fabulous hair stylist and friend who planned the whole event!
Mom and I went a little crazy on the auction items...putting us together + both of our competitive streaks = bad news for our wallets, but good news for the fundraiser.  We ended up with way too much, but were so happy to support Allison and this cause.  
Mom, me, Allison

It was also great to reunite with Shanon, our former hair stylist who referred us to Allison after he started a new career.  I went to Shanon back in high school and had such a crush on him back in the day.  My mother decided it was a good idea to tell him that at the event...thanks mother!

Mom, Shanon, Me

The salon looked great!
Shelley in action!  She STALKED the items she wanted!
Congratulations Allison on such a fun and successful event!  Everything was perfect.  And by the way, if you are looking for a hair stylist in Houston, Allison is your girl!  Contact here.  The salon is located in midtown. 

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