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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baby Jack's Special Gender Reveal

Before we shared the news with our family, Jason and I decided to do a special reveal for just the two of us.  Jason arranged for the reveal to occur at dinner at our favorite restaurant in Houston, Frank's American Revival (formerly known as Frank's Chophouse). 

My coworker called the restaurant to let them know the gender (only she knew) and they planned the rest!  We had the best meal, but could feel the anticipation growing knowing what was coming.  Finally, a cake was delivered to our table and the host slowly (very slowly) cut into the cake to reveal we were having a boy! 

Jason and I with the "cake-cutter" James

We sat and talked for awhile about the exciting news and ended the night by staying at the St. Regis in Houston.  To make the night even more special, we were upgraded to a huge suite for the night...I love that Jason works in the hotel industry! I could barely sleep that night from the excitement of learning our first baby would be a boy...what would the name be, how will we decorate...???

We spent the next morning having breakfast in bed then we were off to share the news with our families over the next few, you know, Christmas!

Thanks again to the amazing team including the owners Michael & Chris Shine at Frank's for making our gender reveal so special.  It was a night we will never forget!  And if you visit Frank's you must try their famous pork chop, shrimp & grits or fried chicken! 

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  1. Congrats Chelsea!!! So exciting! And what a great way to find out! :)



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