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Monday, December 3, 2012

Naming Baby P

Jason and I have been throwing around baby names.  Since we don't know the gender yet, we haven't made any names official, but we have a few top contenders, both first and middle names...don't worry, we plan to share once it's official!  I love personalized items way too much not to share the name until birth. 

For the most part, we agree on names we like, however, our biggest household debate is in regards to common vs. unique names. 

I love less common names that are unique, different and sometimes are not even "names."  Yes, I'm a fan of Apple, Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin's daughter.  Pear Purifoy anyone?  Growing up as a Chelsea, I loved the fact that I was usually the only Chelsea in my classes, groups, etc. and I always felt sorry for the kids who had popular names and ended up being one of many with that name in school: Sarah H, Sarah R, Sarah get the drift. 

Jason thinks that less common names will make the kid a target for ridicule.  He thinks a popular name is popular for a reason, because it's a great name.  It will be up to the individual, not the name to make the person unique. 

In a perfect world, you can agree on a name that is both unique, but not weird.  I'm anxious to hear your opinion on the topic!  Do you like your name and/or are you still happy with what you named your children?


  1. Craig and I were the same way....I was Jason and Craig was you. We met in the middle. Natalie is more traditional but I've only taught a few in my career. Her middle name (Teneile) is more unique and meaningful (champion). I like the mixture of both and we will do something similar when (and if) there is a next one!

  2. I really like my name, which is kind of normal, Danielle, but there were never very many Danielle's in school with me. In fact, I only remember there ever being one other Danielle and that was in high school and we didn't have classes together.

    I think traditional names that are unique because they're not as popular are pretty cool. Names like Amelia or William. I'm sure whatever you name baby P he/she will love their name and make it their own!

  3. I agree with everyone else! Traditional names that have fallen out of fashion seem to be a great compromise for you two! I hated being a Lauren all through school and even now because there are so many names similar to it. You're right, it's no fun to need the last initial by your name!



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