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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Pajama Party

I'm linking up today with Darci, Julie, Ashley, Jenny, and Natasha for a little Christmas Pajama Party!

Just as I did with the Halloween Pajama Party, I may have gone a little overboard.  I warned you that I would!  We just love our cozy holiday pj's.  I am one tired mama today working on only a few hours of sleep two nights in a row with a fussy little teether.  It got so bad last night that I took Jack to the doctor this morning to make sure it wasn't anything serious.  I'm back at work today, but tired and super cranky.  Where is my I'm So Tired Sweatshirt from Hello Apparel when you need it??? 

Luckily I snapped some cute photos of Jack in between cry fits the past few days.

Don't miss the outtakes {real life} at the bottom of the post!
Red "My First Christmas" PJ's from Macy's - On sale here!

PJ's from Macy's - On sale here!
Blanket from Pottery Barn Kids

Footed Fleece PJ's from Gap (sold out online)
Jellycat Reindeer c/o More Than You Can Imagine
Pillow from Pottery Barn Kids (om sale)!

Reindeer PJ's from Target (Carter's brand - not available online)
Crib sheet from Pottery Barn Kids (sold out online, but some stores carry)
Santa Footed PJ's from Carter's - on sale! (these have the cutest santa feet that keep Jack very entertained)
PJ + Toy = Happy Mom
Even the doctor loved Jack's holiday PJ's this morning.  Now this is real life folks!

Red hat from Gap

Watching Tucker is much more fun than posing
Merry Christmas!!!  Ho, ho, ho.
All I want for Christmas is 8 hours of sleep.  And a new Louis Vuitton...
At this point I think it's more realistic that I'll get the LV, which trust me, isn't in my future either...
Maybe if I quite spending all my money on holiday PJ's...


  1. I love Tuck in those pictures! I'm seriously obsessed with my PBK Christmas sheets...not sure I'm going to be ready to take them off in a few weeks...

    1. I think it's totally acceptable to keep them on until Valentine's Day! They just make me happy everytime I look at them.

  2. Seriously cute. I love love love the butt jammies!! I'm so sorry about the teething nights =( Those are the worst. Any night with broken sleep and an unhappy baby is the worst. I hope those jerk teeth break through and he gets some relief so you can soon.

    And, I'm obsessed with the PBK sheets. I didn't even know they did such festive things!

  3. OH my gosh, the bow tie!!! LOVE Jack in his Christmas jammies! Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Jack is so precious!! Of course, love the pj's!

    Wyatt just got one bottom tooth and I think the one next to it is coming as well. I'm totally with you on the sleep deprivation! Have you tried teething tablets? They seem to work pretty well for our little guy.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the Christmas list. ;)



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