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Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday

Hello Friday!  I've so been looking forward to you.  I've actually been looking forward to this particular weekend that you are bringing for a while now.  Jason takes a final Saturday morning and then has a break for a month.  We have a one year old's birthday party to attend, are going to try again for Santa pictures, and are finally going to make church on Sunday! 

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Jason and I made a wreath last weekend!  Our next door neighbor has a huge, 60 inch lighted wreath on his driveway gate that made our driveway gate feel inferior so after a year of feeling under dressed we took matters into our own hands.  One {very long} trip to Hobby Lobby later and we were rocking and rolling!


I've been pretty proud of myself for making some of Jack's baby food at home!  Don't get me wrong, the making it part is easy.  It's the finding the time part that is hard.  The best time for me is in the evening after putting Jack down (if I'm not too exhausted). 

I asked a ton of people on Facebook for advice on this...what products were needed.  I thought about purchasing a Beaba Babycooker ($120) that steams and purees the food for you.  It seemed convenient (plus I thought it was just plain cute), but am so happy with my decision not to.  It would have just been another gadget to take up space on my counter, plus I like my full-size appliances so I can whip out a large batch in one go!  I don't even own a fancy food processor...just your standard blender.  What I did buy was a basic food steamer from Target ($20) and the Infantino Food Station ($20)

As easy as making the food is, I also haven't stressed about giving Jack 100% homemade baby food.  This mama can't do it all. 


Did anyone watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show this week?  I don't know why, but I watch it every year.  I don't even really shop at Victoria Secret and think the models are ridiculously skinny, albeit beautiful. I think I like all of the behind the scenes stuff.  Usually the music is amazing.  This year it was pretty good.  I loved Neon Jungle, Fall Out Boy and A Great Big World.  Taylor Swift just gets on my nerves and looked awkward. 


I just love getting Christmas cards in the mail!  I get down right giddy opening the mail box each afternoon.  Go here for a fun and easy way to display them!


Speaking of Christmas cards, our cards hit the mail this week so I can finally post our picture!  We participated in Studio Ainsley's annual "Jingle Jammies" mini session back in November.  Love that we were the only whole family that showed up in our jams {everyone else just did the kiddos}.  I also love that Jason is such a good sport about all of my crazy ideas. 

{Spoiler alert if you haven't opened our card yet}

Images by Studio Ainsley
And some normal ones...


  1. Love your Christmas card photos! I can't wait for ours to finally arrive. The delivery has been delayed with all of the ice around here. Merry Christmas!

  2. Cutest Christmas card pics ever!!!! And good for you for making Jack's baby food...I bought some jarred food early on and then it was too hard to turn back ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  3. LOVED getting your Christmas card! Jason is such a great sport with everything, and I definitely rubbed that in MY husband's face. Yet another reason why we need to get these two gents together... :)

  4. y'all are SO STINKIN CUTE!! bless those pics. AMAZING. christmas jammies are where it's at. always! :)



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