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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Poor Baby Jack {Top Names in 2013}

The top names for 2013 are in and guess what tops the list for boy names...

Jackson {Jack is #10}
Sophia tops the list for girls

I never wanted to have a common named baby, but here I am with the top name.  I love the name Jack, don't get me wrong.  And think my baby looks like a Jack.  I love that it's a classic's cute for a baby but strong for an adult.  I just hate that he will likely be one of many Jacks in school.

All I can say is that my next kid is getting a crazy name!  I already have several picked out...


  1. I'm into names and their (un)popularity too...and I sitll LOVE the name Jack. I agree. It's classic and strong. Popping on over to the list now bc I LOVE looking at it every year!!! xx

  2. We had lots and lots of Ashley's growing up, in one of my 9th grade classes there were 6 Ashley's so our teacher sat us a table together and called us the Ashleys the nice thing was if she called on an Ashley usually at least one of us knew the answer. The really crazy thing is 4 of them were Ashley Nicole - so I thanked my mom for naming me Ashlee Cole at least I was a little bit different :)



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