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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jack: 7 Months!

Length: 27.5 inches
Weight: 19 lbs
Head Circumference: 17.5 inches
Based on measurements we took at home, aka very unreliable

Milestones this month:
  • Eating fruits and veggies
  • Sitting up all by yourself
  • Clapping 
  • Scooping things up in the bathtub
  • Wearing 9 and 12 month clothing!
  • Sitting in public highchairs - we haven't tried shopping carts yet, but I feel that coming soon!
  • You waved bye a couple of times when others do it to you...especially when the nanny says "Adios Pappito"
Things you like this month:
  • Tucker or "Puh" as you call him
  • Clapping
  • Bath time with Dad
  • Your stuffed animal friends especially the raccoon
  • The Exersaucer
  • Food!  So far you love oatmeal, avocado, peas, pears, sweet potatoes, mangos and bananas
  • You love to give me kisses...wet ones...with your whole mouth. You especially like to bite my nose. 
Things you don't like this month:
  • Sleeping - ha!
  • Getting dressed
  • Getting strapped in your carseat
  • Getting your fingernails cut
  • Carrots
  • Not being held
  • Laying down or being held like a baby.  You would rather sit upright and look around
Special memories this month:
  • Your first Thanksgiving
  • Leaning over and giving me a hug
  • Introducing you to new foods
  • Getting to see Ashley and your BFF Graham
  • Seeing all of your family in the Corsicana/DFW area including Cousins Cohen and Landon
  • Taking you to "the shop" to see Aunt Vicki and Mauri...of course you went straight for the diamond Rolex
Dear Jack,
Another month where I am telling you to slow down!  Also another month where your dad and I proclaim that this is our favorite stage.  Except for the fussy nights due to stupid teething you are a dream baby with such a huge personality.  It's like you know exactly when the camera is on and how to turn up the cuteness.  Do I see modeling in your future?  Maybe you will just be a charmer.  You are more outgoing at home and tend to be shy and introverted when we get out in public...just like how I was at your age. 
Some people think it's crazy that your dad and I haven't had a proper date night since having you.  We just can't think of anything better than being with you on the weekends and after work.  We will work on that though!  I haven't really left you alone much (aside from the weekly grocery store trip) since having you.  I know I need to work on this, but I just cherish my time with you so much especially since I'm away from you during the week.
I can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas and share you with all of our family and friends.  Boy are you going to get spoiled!
Momma...practice saying it Ma-Ma


  1. Love reading Jack's monthly updates and seeing how much him and Hadley are alike! And then I think - oh, crap! I need to write Had's before she turns 8 months old in just a few days! Aaaah...

  2. PS - Yes, THAT is a picture of me pregnant. With my first child. Nearly three years ago. Probably should get on updating that too!

  3. Such a cutie!! I can not wait to start feeding Brody real food!!! I'm sure it will be a mess at first, but I can't wait to see the faces he makes. I'm so impressed with your baby food making skills too!



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