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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Catching Up :: Chelsea Lately

Last week was so busy so although I didn't get to blog I wanted to catch ya'll up on everything going on in our world. 

-  For Jason's birthday (in March) I bought him Counting Crows tickets.  The show was (finally) last Tuesday and was amazing!  We had great seats to see Adam Duritz up close and personal. 

-  Last Thursday we hosted a dinner for our church dinner group.  It was so fun and a major success.  I get nervous cooking dinner for a large group (especially on a work day while also wrangling a one year old), but everything was great.  I made a simple pasta dish and a big salad and others brought apps and dessert. 

-  Is it sad that I'm actually HAPPY the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is over?  It was just too tempting to go on a shopping binge with all of the great deals on fall and winter items.  I didn't buy any of the higher priced items like boots or bags but I did grab a few pieces that I think will be great wardrobe staples for this fall - all recommended by Sheaffer.  Good thing Ashley and I don't live in the same town anymore since we purchased all of the same items!

What did you purchase?  Let me know if you'd be interested in doing a linkup sharing all of our goodies from the sale. 

-  We are planning a trip to Estes Park, Colorado next month to see my mom's new place.  If you have been to Estes, please share all of your recommendations on your hits and misses.  I think Jack needs this shirt for Colorado by Hanna Andersson...especially since our backyard is being overtaken by raccoons at the moment (check out Instagram).

-  I'm obsessed with Revlon's Colorstay Moisture Stain.  I love everything about it - the packaging, the price, the pigmentation and the applicator.  I have Cannes Crush (below) and Shanghai Sizzle (bright red) and want more!  Next time you are at the drugstore, pick one up!

Thank you to Meg for recommending it here!

-  I'm reading Orange is the New Black and even though I haven't finished it Jason and I started watching the series on Netflix last weekend.  We got through 7 episodes already in 2 days and we are hooked!


  1. ooh a salad is my fave 'trick' for dinner parties! But dinner parties with a toddler is a whole new level ha. I think it makes the entertaining easier though, kids are the best performers! oooh I got me a new pair of leggings from Nordstrom! They come tomorrow, yay. I didn't really see much else that caught my fancy though, but I didn't give it a thorough look either. Well...and was also FL friendly =) hot hot hot

  2. We visited Estes Park back in 2008, but we were only there for two nights and one thing. We hiked into the Rockies and camped. Of course it's beautiful, so I definitely recommend some hiking! ;)



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