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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Target Tuesday

I'm at Target so often that I think a weekly Target post showing off all of my latest discoveries is a no-brainer.  Who doesn't love Target?  If you are like me and find yourself there always and often, join in on the fun either in blogland or on Instagram using #targettuesday

My first discovery of the week is a lace top by Xhiliration that looks much more expensive than it is.  It looks like a top from Anthropologie that would be around $125.  It comes in both black and cream and with that price, you should get both!  It's now available online here and my local Target has tons still.  I had to size up since it is junior sizing, but I also wanted a more flowy fit.  Here is the top in a sleeveless version.

Kendi posted this image on her Instagram account last week wearing this top.  I know a TON of people commented after she posted this saying they ran out and bought one or both tops so get them while you can!

We all know that Target started carrying Honest Company products.  When it initially launched my store only carried wipes and some diapers, but as of this week it seems to have the full line of Honest products even things I haven't seen at before!  I may have gone a little crazy on some of the cleaning products including some lavender hand soap, dish soap and multi-service cleaner

These gift sets would make a great shower or house warming gift!

Sidenote: I'm not a fan of Honest diapers (love their cute designs) but not a fan of the actual diaper.  Nothing wrong with them, I just prefer Pampers.  I do however LOVE their wipes and will only use them now.  I like the way they smell and love the texture.  I'm also a huge fan of their body wash/shampoo {for Jack} and foaming mandarin handsoap {for me}.  Jack has majorly sensitive skin and has done great with all Honest products. 

My obsession for Halloween PJ's continues and I've been on the hunt for some cute ones for Jack this year.  So far no luck in size 2T, but I did spot these cute PJ's in stores now for sizes NB-9 Months.  I found these online, but I'd prefer to not pay shipping for something of this price point.

Finally, if you aren't already a follower of Pinterest Told Me To, jump to Sheaffer's post from yesterday where she did a Target edition of Shopping with Sheaffer

And in non-Target news, I'm over on Instagram under the account @HoustonMomsBlog for Takeover Tuesday.  Follow along to see what a day in the life of Chelsea looks like.  #takeovertuesdayhmb


  1. Do you have a Target red card? MIne is the debit version, so no fees and you get free shipping + 5%off EVERYTHING.

  2. ^ I just clicked over to say the same thing! Get the Target Red Card in the debit version, it comes straight out of you checking account so you don't have to have a new credit card and you can buy cute PJs for $12 and free shipping!!1

  3. That top is sooo cute! And I am pretty much addicted to Target so this is my kind of post!



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