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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ode to the Herringbone Vest

Herringbone, Herringbone I love you so
I waited and waited
And waited some mo'

You started at J. Crew
for the stylish, lucky few
We saw you on Pinterest
And instantly knew

You sold out quickly
And our hearts skipped a beat
Stalking Ebay and others
With sighs and defeat

J. Crew Factory picked you up
Hip Hip Hooray
But again, gone too soon
What the eff, gone in ONE day!

Others tried to copy you
Even a version at Coldwater Creek
For those of us not fast enough
We began to feel weak

When finally this summer
I spotted you online
Good 'ole factory came through again
This time you will be mine

I snatched you up so fast
Final Sale be damned
Click, Cart, Checkout
The most stylish mom in carpool land

I can just picture that popped up collar now
Red Starbucks cup in hand
With skinny jeans and tall, tall boots
Or those TB Revas in popular demand

But now the joke's on us
As we all show up alike
The curse of the herringbone vest
Just made it's final strike!

Thanks to Ann Elliott and Pampers & Pearls for hosting the Mid Week Muse weekly linkup!
Ann Elliott

1 comment:

  1. You are so your Aunt Vicki's child....and Grammy re your writing talent....!!



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