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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Friday Five

TGIF!  I've gottta keep this one short and sweet...blogging while working...ssshhh!


Ashley and I already started the hunt for cute Halloween PJ's for our little men.  So far, Carter's and Old Navy have a few online.  I love these Boo!  PJ's from Old Navy, but am holding out until they arrive in stores (hopefully) to avoid shipping.


August in Houston = Houston Restaurant Weeks!!!  One of my favorite times of the year.  It's not quite so easy anymore with Jack, however I am managing a brunch this weekend with some friends and hopefully Jason and I can sneak away for a date night in the next few weeks.  What HRW menu are you dying to try?


I gave Jack his first keyboard yesterday after he loved playing on Grammy's piano so much last week.  I read tons of great reviews from other bloggers about this B. Meowsic Keyboard.  It's not available online right now, but was $10 off at my local Target store yesterday and there were tons in stock!  Love this brand - Jack loves their stacking blocks too!  There is also have a matching guitar and drum, but I resisted.  Gotta leave some things for the grandparents, right?


I signed myself up for Stitch Fix, but it doesn't come until 3-4 weeks.  Excited to share what I receive!  I figure if I don't like any of it, I'm out $20, will cancel, but will be left with a great blog post.  I LOVE reading other Stitch Fix blog reviews.  The vast majority seem to love it, but there are a couple of negative reviews out there. 


Confession: I've fallen off my at-home workouts.  It was bound to happen.  I have no self-discipline and my husband is an enabler.  Our new Orange is the New Black episode binge has pushed me over the edge.  I'm trying to really up my steps this week to make up for it.  Jack and I even walked to CVS yesterday rather than driving to the grocery store like we would normally do.  So hot, but I reached my 10,000 daily step goal!  And I'm going to try and make it to a few Pure Barre classes this weekend. 


  1. Can you believe it's almost FALL?!?! YAYYYY!!!! Love the Boo jammies. We love Houston Restaurant Week. It's our anniversary month so we usually go to a few super fancy places and eat like rock stars, ha! At home workouts are tough. I need to try Pure Barre! Have a good weekend :)

  2. Those are cute pj's and I like that toy brand too!

  3. I saw some Halloween pj's this weekend! EEK!! Old Navy had some and another store...maybe Oshkosh? That drum is definitely on our list...I know I'll regret it! ;)



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