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Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday

Hooray for Friday.  Sadly, this won't be the most pleasant of weekends traveling out of town for one funeral and missing another.  Let's just say that Heaven has two new wonderful angels.  One, happily for them (sad for us) is reunited with his wife.  The other is gone way too soon.  We all need to take a moment and appreciate our precious life and loved ones while we can. 

A great reminder to us all.  Sending so many prayers to everyone left on Earth who is suffering. 

Moving on...


After failing my "No Spend August" before I even got a post up and knowing that I wanted to buy a few things for my Colorado trip in September, I'm now kicking off "No Spend October."  I know a handful of bloggers did a no-spend closet remix last month so I'm sure you all are dying to do a little retail therapy, but if you haven't done a no-spend month in while, join me! 

I need to focus on all of the things that I already have and not spend so much time looking at what I don't have.  I also need to save, save, save for Christmas presents!

So what does my "No-Spend October" include?  For me it means no clothes, makeup (unless it's a refill for my everyday stuff), jewelry, shoes, accessories, even clothes for Jack because let's be honest, that's more for me than him anyway.  The only two exclusions I'm allowing myself include a Halloween costume for Tucker and a scarf for my partner in the Scarf Swap!!!

Wish me luck! Instead of browsing online shops and catalogs I will try to channel that energy to my family, exercise, new recipes, reading and probably Pinterest!


Tor further confuse you, for #2 let's talk about know for after "No Spend October" or even for your Christmas Wishlist.  I had a nice little Facebook thread going yesterday about our love for Hunter Rain Boots.  One of the girls had just ordered a pair of the classic tall boots {currently 20% off at Nordstrom} and was super excited.  I sadly had to tell her that unfortunately, those boots will never work for me...making me look stumpy and fat.  I thought I was the only one with this issue until someone else chimed in and {duh} suggested trying the Short Version! 

Why didn't I ever think of this?  How cute would these be with black leggings and tunics??  And yes, I dubbed them Shorties from Nordies!!!!

Does anyone else own the short version of the Holy Grail of rainboots?  Who else loves their Hunters - both regular and short? 

And if you have a pair on your wishlist there's that hard question: are you going with classic black or bold color?


On Wednesday night Jack and I attended a special sneak peek at Chick-fil-A in Katy at Mason Road with Houston Moms Blog.  They did a huge remodel and grand re-opening yesterday.  The gracious staff treated us to dinner including yummy iced coffee for all the moms and a tour of the kitchen. 

Jack had so much fun and loved his chance for unlimited apple juice.  This kid has never liked juice in the past - only water and milk, but for some reason that night decided it was his fave and kept saying "abble duce" over and over. 


If you are in Houston, what are you doing on Tuesday?  Houston Moms Blog is hosting a Moms Night Out and there are a few tickets still available.  I'd love the chance to chat with you over a glass of wine...and you can keep me accountable for No Spend October!  I'm sure I will have the shakes from's at a boutique of all places!  Purchase tickets here


And one final reminder that today is the last day to sign-up for the Scarf Swap!  I hope you will join us.  I promise it will be fun.  I will take signups through midnight and will be announcing all of the partners on Monday!

Have a great weekend!  Lots of love, Chels
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  1. I think after my little splurge yesterday, it may be time to institute a "no spend October" along with you! My wishlist at Nordy's could get quite hefty by November though :) Btw, don't go read Scheaffer's blog today. There may or may not be lots of really cute tunics...and leggings...and booties...and jewelry. {On a serious note, my friend, so sorry to hear about the recent deaths you are mourning. In our thoughts and prayers.}

  2. I am so sorry for your losses. A reminder to truly treasure everyday. You will be in my prayers during this difficult time! Also good luck with your no spend month. Very inspiring!!

  3. Love my Hunter's! I have the tall black ones and wear them all winter long in Ohio :) I am hoping to score a pair of shorties in red or some other bright color for Christmas if I am lucky!
    Love the scarf swap idea! I do with some of my local friends and it is always such a good time!

  4. Love my hunters and I wear them 3 out of the four seasons!! Wishing you strength this weekend!



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