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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Pajama Party 2014!

Today I'm linking up with Fancy Ashley, Darci, Natasha & Ashley for a Halloween Pajama Party!
I realized that last year I went overboard on the Halloween PJ's and then again on the Christmas PJ's.  I justified it by saying that it was just a first year thing - I will keep it under control after all of his "first" holidays.  Yeah right! 
I've done it again and gone overboard, but we just really love Halloween in our house.  And pajamas.  And themes. 
Our favorite pajamas this year are from Two Magnolia Lane with Jack's name on the front.  Contact Two Magnolia Lane if you want the Christmas version of these!

These Boo! PJ's from Old Navy are another favorite.  Were they totally necessary since they are so similar to the ones above?  Heck no!  But they were sent all the way from Tyler to us so we had to accept!

I'm also loving these fun bat ones from Hanna Anderson

And what Halloween is complete without some Skeleton Pajamas?

2013 - 2014
I can't believe my 18 month old is wearing all 2T pajamas now!
Happy Halloween!!!


  1. How adorable is he. I love the comparison pictures from this year and last year. Really shows how your little man grows! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The first to the second has such a big change! I barely recognize my kid from her first Halloween - SO grown up and big, wow. So cute!

  3. I definitely failed in this department this year! The pjs are so cute, and Jack is such a little model! ;)



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