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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Latest Stitch Fix Review

Last week I received my 2nd Stitch Fix Box.  If you remember from my first Stitch Fix review, I was pretty happy with it even though I only kept one item.  I liked everything, but was looking for more fall pieces.  I will say that the one top that I did keep has been on heavy rotation in my closet so it was money well spent** (see my last comment below)

If you aren't familiar with Stitch Fix: It is a styling service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing and/or accessories pulled specifically for you. Once you receive the items you can try on, take pictures and see how they will work into your wardrobe - all in the comfort of your own home. You have three days to decide to keep the items or send them back. If you keep all five items you will receive 20% off the entire purchase. If you send all 5 items back you lose your $20 stylist fee that would have been applied to your purchase. Everyone fills out a style and fit questionnaire, but you can be as picky or open as you want in your communications to your stylist.

After my first box I added more notes to my stylist that said:
  • Even though it's still warm in Texas (as they mentioned in my last note) I still wanted more fall pieces like transitional sweaters, jackets and tops.  No sleeveless. 
  • Please no pants unless they are leggings or a ponte knit pant
  • An occasional dress for work is great
  • No jewelry except for an occasional statement necklace
I was really excited to get some sweaters or cute fall tops that I've been seeing in other Stitch Fix reviews.  See the latest review from Jennifer of Life in the Green House here on her great and very seasonably appropriate box.  I'm jealous!

Whomp, whomp...

To say I was disappointed was an understatement.  I think I wasted my time writing the notes to "my stylist" because she did not follow them.  Although to look on the bright side, this is No-Spend October so maybe the universe was just looking out for me...

ONE - Cliff Layered Bead & Fringe Collar Necklace, $32 - SENT BACK


This necklace is cute, but not $32 cute.  It is pretty cheap looking in person and I just know that when it comes time to accessorize an outfit, I will opt for something nicer that I already own like my fave Kendra Scott Rayne necklace.  I don't like the length of the chain and for the final straw it has a strange smell to it!  It's similar to some necklaces I used to purchase from for $12.99. 

TWO - Brodee Envelope Collar Sheath Dress, $128 - SENT BACK

This is a cute dress at first glance.  It did not fit me, but even if it had fit me I would not have paid $128 for it.  The material is cheap.  You would probably find this at a department store in the Juniors Section for under $75.  I know that I can find a dress that is much higher quality for this price or less.  Now I'm just being picky, but the tag said it was Dark Gray, but it looks chocolate brown.  Confusing! 

THREE - Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse - Navy, $54 - SENT BACK
This top fit and was cute, however as I stated in my notes I did not want sleeveless tops.  I'm covered in that area and do not need another...especially for $54!

FOUR - Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse, $58 - KEPT

This was my favorite of the five pieces.  Hallelujah, the stylist listened and gave me something that was transitional for the fall and appropriate for both office and weekend.  I hesitated at keeping this because I already own a super similar top from Nordstrom, however I live in black tops especially in the fall/winter.  The back of the sleeves on this top are unique (I could not get a good picture) and I love the longer length which is hard to find. 

FIVE - Tiara Abstract Print Silk Top, $58 - SENT BACK

I don't know what to say about this top.  It reminds me of something I would buy at Forever 21 for $15, but what makes me most mad about this is how summery it is!!!  The styling card even has it paired with shorts and sandals.  While this would be great for a May box, it is October!!!  Once again, I feel like they threw in all of the items they were trying to get rid of from last season. 


I honestly feel like I was just given some random pieces that they had left, aside from the one top I kept that was in line with what I asked for.  Maybe for larger sizes they don't have as many options?  Regardless, I was probably going to put this service on hold for a few months through the holidays.  This box just sealed that deal! 

I will give Stitch Fix the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe this was just an inexperienced stylist.  My requests were not listened to and my note from the stylist did not even make sense with incomplete sentences and thoughts.  This was not the same stylist as I had in my last box. 

It is really fun anticipate the box and wonder what you might receive, but after this box my opinion is that it is cheap, overpriced pieces.  I think I can do better shopping on my own.  And by "on my own" I mean with the help of great bloggers like Sheaffer and Melanie...their suggestions are always spot on!

On the other hand, I have read some amazing reviews and seen some great pieces on others from Stitch Fix.  After the holidays if I continue to read other great reviews, I may give it another shot!

If you want to give StitchFix a shot yourself, you can sign up here.  Maybe you'll have better luck!
Note that I will receive a $25 credit if you sign-up. Hopefully then someone will do the same for's like subscription box karma!


**After I scheduled this post yesterday, I was hanging up all of my delicates in the laundry room and noticed that the only top that I kept from my last Stitch Fix is ripped.  I have worn this top about 4 times and washed it 2-3 times (delicate cycle, no dryer).  I expect this to happen with Forever 21 and Old Navy pieces (although it doesn't), but not on something I paid $48 for!  Ugh.  This just further confirms what I thinking.  Stitch Fix - if you are reading this.  I LOVE your business concept, but have some concerns.  If I continue reading other great reviews I may consider giving you another shot. 


  1. I liked reading this review; I've been toying with the idea of Stitch Fix. I feel like I'm too picky haha.

  2. Love the top you kept and agree about sending the others back.

  3. My boss went on vacation and had her box delivered and didn't realize she only had three days to send it back, so that made me her default box opener. I've read lots of reviews and thought the clothes were cute, but I was turned off by the prices. Seeing the quality of a lot of things in her box, that reinforced that (but also, I am very cheap). The items are cute and I loved the styling cards, though, and the top you got is great (now I want to look for one just like it!). So glad you posted a critical review as they are hard to come by!

  4. I highly recommend emailing Stitch Fix about this! The exact same thing happened to me with my second box. I had a decent first box -- kept 2 items -- only to have a truly horrible second box where I felt like every item was wrong and clearly the stylist hadn't read anything I wrote. After emailing Stitch Fix, they sent me a "redo" box for free and I got my original stylist back (FYI -- you can request your first stylist if you liked her!). I kept every single item in my redo box!



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