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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Goals and Recap of January

I realize the month is almost halfway over, but better late then never on posting this! 

  • Biggest Goal - Appreciate the little moments with my family and NOT stress over insignificant things.  Life is too short and too precious.
  • Read one book
  • Send some VDay surprises to friends and neighbors
  • Continue on my healthy eating and WW plan
  • Get into the 140's with my weight
  • Continue Weight Watchers Wednesday each week on the blog
  • Try at least one new recipe...that's healthy!
  • Drink warm lemon water daily and do apple cider vinegar shot several times a week
  • New shoes for Jack
  • Redesign and order new blog business cards for upcoming conference
  • Limit my weekly Target runs
  • Home Improvements:
    • Find an anytime front door wreath
    • Install bottom gate for stairs and improve existing top gate
    • Pool leak repairs...the most costly!
    • Organize my makeup/beauty area in bathroom

January Goals Update:
  • Read one book - FAIL...I'll move this one to February. I'm in the middle of reading Molly Sims new book, but I have not finished and it's not a novel so doesn't count!
  • Spending freeze on buying clothes for myself - FAIL...I need to just give this one up. I bought a few tops from J.Crew that were on sale. I've already have them in heavy rotation for both work and fun so I'd say it was money well spent!
  • Try one new recipe
  • Blog a minimum of twice per week - IMPROVED
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night - GETTING BETTER
  • Visit Dermatologist
  • Drink more water on a daily basis
  • Home Improvements:
    • Dress up our front door - HALFWAY {got a new welcome mat, but still looking for a great anytime wreath}
    • Dress up our living room/mantle
    • Install bottom gate for stairs and improve existing top gate - FAIL
    • Finish Jack's "Campsite" Playroom

1 comment:

  1. Okay, I need to know about the apple cider vinegar shot and I was just working on my blogger business cards. ;) Getting excited!



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