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Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Recap :: Shower Picture Overload

Happy Monday!  Although I'm feeling stressed for the week, I'm choosing to be positive knowing that this evening I can come home and watch the Bachelor while I do a million things on my to-do list.

And side-note, I had a dream last night that I was on The Bachelor and JJ Watt was the bachelor.  Jack was in my life, but I have no idea what happened to my husband - ha!  Sorry babe.  It doesn't matter because I was cut the very first night.  Clearly, there is too much Bachelor in my life right now! 

We had a great weekend.  The weather was amazing which made it that much sweeter.


Friday was a great day because even though I was at work, I was able to turn in my current company car for a brand new model since my lease was up!  I stayed with the same type of car {Honda CRV} but switched to a white one with tan interior after much debate...and lots of texts between me and Ashley {why do we over-analyze everything}. I love it and it's fun to drive something that smells of new car!  Although it's the same car, the 2015 has some great new features {even in the basic model that I have} like keyless entry and ignition, side cameras and a touchscreen.  #spoiled

We didn't do anything exciting Friday night except catchup on our DVR, but Jason was in a great mood after a stressful week preparing for a call Friday afternoon that ended up going better than he anticipated!


Saturday we showered Sara and Baby Logan - who I think will be here any day now, but two weeks at the latest.   The shower was at Ousie's Table, one of my favorite restaurants in Houston.  We reserved the coolest private wine room, that was great for our small group.  Everything turned out just perfect!

I was pretty beat after the shower from stuffing myself with amazing food and a mimosa {or two}.  I rested up and hung out with Jack before we met some friends for dinner.  We clearly need to get together more often because we ended up sitting at the restaurant, Brio, just talking for over 4 hours!  Jack had fun at home with his nanny who let him stay up and play a little later than usual :)

{Diet update:  Saturday was definitely my cheat day, but I'm proud of myself that I didn't go as crazy as I could have.  I got right back into my groove on Sunday so the scale wasn't too scary Monday morning}


I wasn't able to sleep well on Saturday night so I was feeling super sluggish Sunday morning.  Jason was bogged down with homework so we skipped church.  I took Jack for a super long walk in the morning so Jason could have a quiet house while he did homework.  Jack was asleep when I came back to the house from the walk so I just kept on walking and ended up with over 13k steps total for the day!

After our long walk, I packed a picnic lunch for the three of us and and we drove to a park in the area that I love, but always forget about.  Jack had so much fun running around in the open fields, watching turtles and birds, but his favorite part was this aligator statue.  He would growl at it, but then run to it and hug it.

We took him to the shoe store after the park since I knew he had outgrown his current shoes.  I like to buy him sturdy, quality shoes after his leg accident.  I'm sure I'm being overly paranoid,but I want him to be supported as much as he can and his cute little moccs just don't cut it anymore.  #sadday

After grocery shopping, dinner and bath time, I finally settled down to watch the Grammys.  My favorite performance was Sia and my favorite red carpet moment was Gwen Stefani.  What were your favorites? 

Hope you are surviving Monday! 

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  1. JJ Watt on the Bachelor! That sounds like an amazing dream. Loved the shower theme and pictures everything turned out so adorable! Happy Monday!



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