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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend Recap :: Our Nanny's Wedding

Back in January we loaded up for Galveston, TX for Jack's nanny's wedding!  Galveston is only about 1.5 hours away, but we decided to make a weekend of it just for fun.  It helps that Jason's company has a hotel there!

We left with plenty of time to arrive early since Jack has the important job of being the ringbearer...and we had the rings!  I was terrified we would be late.  But of course all went smoothly.  Jack napped in the car and we had about an hour to kill.  There was a McDonalds right down the street from the chapel and on the beach so we pulled in the parking lot, grabbed some fries and a coffee for me and let Jack feed the seagulls.  He loved it...and it gave me a chance to take a selfie.  I've come to realize that selfies are the only way to get a pic of myself these days!

When we got to the chapel we were able to get Jack dressed in the bride's room before the bride arrived.  It was hilarious because as soon as his suit was on, he wouldn't stop admiring himself in the mirror.  Precious!  He practiced holding his ring pillow and was ecstatic when "Nana" arrived.  So much so that he didn't want to leave the bride's room to let her get ready. 

We mixed and mingled before the ceremony.  Everyone wanted to meet "Captain Cutie" as his nanny calls Jack.

Finally, it was the big moment.  Jack walked down the aisle like a champ (with a little assist from me) and then threw the pillow at the groom when he got to the end of the aisle.  Maybe someone was a little jealous of the groom.  Unfortunately, we had to walk out of the ceremony because as soon as Nana walked in Jack just wanted her to hold him.  His nanny is so sweet I think she even considered it for a minute and then realized she needed to be focusing on her groom! 

Luckily we brought Mickey with us so Jack was happy and we were able to watch the vows from the back of the chapel. 

The rest of the afternoon was wonderful.  I can't believe what an angel Jack was {the iPad certainly helped}.  He lasted through pictures, a venue change, sitting at the restaurant for an extended period and an entire meal.  By 5:00 he was pretty much done, but wow, were we proud of him. 

We headed to the hotel that was just a block from the reception and immediately got in our comfies.  We stayed at the Tremont House and it was AMAZING.  It is located on the Strand and I would definitely want to stay again. 

The original plan was to rest and then go to dinner, but I was so comfortable in our room (and in my jammies) that I was thrilled when Jason said he was fine with just ordering in.  And that we did!  We ordered wine, dinner AND dessert.  Jack was in heaven playing in the room and bouncing on the beds.  What is it about hotel beds that is so fun to bounce on?

After putting Jack to sleep we rented Night Crawler with Jake Gyllenhal and then went to sleep ourselves! 

Jack woke up EARLY on Sunday, probably just scared of waking up in a new place.  He wouldn't go back to sleep, but we still lounged around for a while sipping coffee and ordering breakfast.  We were in no hurry to race off.  After breakfast Jack and I walked around the hotel with Yuly before she left on her honeymoon - they were going on a cruise out of Galveston later that day and her hubby had to drive back to Houston quickly to get their passports they forgot!  We were happy to keep her company, but Jack was so sad to say goodbye.  And no, we did not plan to dress the same!

That evening once we were back in Houston we attended Jack's preschool's open house.  He won't start until August, but we wanted him to start becoming familiar with the space.  It was wonderful to meet his teacher and talk to other parents.


  1. You must do a hair tutorial. It always looks so pretty!

  2. So fun! We watched Nightcrawler the other night, a little weird but good. He's going to love preschool, so fun to be a kid these days!



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