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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday :: A Little Derailment

Happy middle of the week!  I'm sad to report today that because of our little getaway mixed with a long weekend, Girl Scout Cookie deliveries and stress from catching up from said vacation - I've gotten a little derailed!

Starting Weight:  158
Current Weight:   155.2

I have no good news to post on my weight and no great tips to share.  Basically this is the worst Weight Watchers linkup that ever lived, but I'm nothing if not honest!  

Thinking positive, I was super proud of myself for hitting over 13,000 steps on Sunday!  It's due to a very long walk since Jack was napping in the stroller and I didn't want to wake him.  I'm dying for another long walk but it's been a little too cold for an evening stroll this week. 

Instead of focusing on what I've done wrong, I'm going to focus on what's coming up that I want to get back on track for! 

-  Thrive Blogger Conference next week
-  Houston Moms Blog Photoshoot - early March
-  Spring Family Mini Session - mid March
-  Visiting friends at the end of March where I know a few splurges will likely occur
-  Looking and feeling good for mine and Jack's birthday in May!

So many reasons to get back on it!  And honestly it's not just about looking good, but this week I haven't FELT good either.  I've been extra tired, mopey and blah.  Some could chalk that up to post vacation blues, but I think a lot of it has to do with the extra pounds and too much sugar. 

I'm hoping some of you are having better weeks than me!  I'd love to hear about it.  What is keeping you motivated? 


  1. Hey, when we get knocked down, we get right back up!!! You've got this.

  2. I just started WW - so happy I found your blog to keep me inspired. XO -Anna



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