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Friday, May 29, 2015

Five on Friday :: Maternity Wear, Monograms, Baby Clothes & Boy Names

Happy Friday!  Between the flooding and Jason starting a new job this week I am very ready for the weekend.  Are you doing anything fun?

ONE - I snapped this pic yesterday as I was getting a dress hemmed at my tailor.  I have a full maternity style post coming up next week, but I'm loving this dress from Gap and it's currently on major sale!  It runs true to size or even a little large.  It's so easy to throw on and go and keeps me cool with these rising summer temps. 

17 Weeks

TWO - I started going through Jack's baby clothes this week.  I saved EVERYTHING and assumed we would be all set if we had another boy.  Although we sure do have lots of boy clothes, I'm quickly realizing that the seasons are all off!  Most of Jack's newborn clothes are so summery since May in Houston = Hot, Hot, Hot.  The little one is due in November so while it could very well be warm, you never know and we may require some cooler temp clothes.  As if I needed an excuse to shop!

I may or may not have already purchased a few things from Gap during a 30% off sale recently!  I am so drawn to navy and more classic pieces this time around rather than the brightly colored, animal pieces.   

THREE - The hunt for the baby name continues!  Jason and I just aren't seeing eye to eye on names.  And bless his heart, he is trying so hard to get on board with some of my picks!  Feel free to leave suggestions on boy names.  I'm leaning toward unique/less common/hippie names and Jason...well, let's just say Jason was the one who chose Jack which just so happened to be in the Top 10 boys names the year he was born.  For some reason I'm also loving Irish names - funny because neither one of us is Irish - ha!

Can you tell I'm getting the itch to monogram the heck out of his name?!?!

FOUR - And speaking of monogramming, check out what Jack scored from Two Magnolia Lane recently!  I am dying over the swim shorts and Jason is obsessed with the Dopp Kit...hello baby "razor".  It's really the cutest thing ever!  Be sure to follow Two Magnolia Lane on Instagram and Facebook.  They are the best place for gifts and their prices are so reasonable!  And before you know it, it will be time to order all of those cute Halloween and Christmas PJ's.

FIVE - Jack graduated from his class at The Little Gym yesterday.  This summer he will move to the bigger kids class and then this fall he starts preschool a few days a week!  I can't even wrap my head around this. 

I normally don't attend his classes because they are during the week while I'm at work.  It's a great activity for his nanny to participate with him to get them out of the house and socializing.  I was lucky to be able to attend yesterday and he was so excited to show me what he's been working on.  And you could not have found a more excited kid to receive his medal yesterday during the awards ceremony. 


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the dress - I just ordered it! And that stuff from Two Magnolia Lane is ADORABLE!! I just started following her!

  2. All of Jack's monogram stuff is adorable - a monogram makes everything better!

  3. Love the dress and all the monogrammed stuff for Jack!

  4. Love the dress and I love the baby name game!! Here are some that were on our boy list!! Ford, Reeve, Lane, Austin, Lawson, Elliott, Wyatt, Tyler, Bennett, Parker, Whit, Reese, Ryland, Tate, Sutton, Adler, Colin, Tad...I could go on for days! I need more babies! :)

  5. Your son Jack is adorable, and I'm sure your one on the way will be just as cute! We named our son Kane (after a Jude Deveraux romance novel), but I really liked the name Maverick, which my husband shot down. Good luck picking one out! And that dress looks beautiful on you!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us for H54F!



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