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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Weekend Recap :: Mother's Day!

Sorry for the late weekend recap.  This week has just flown by!  Hope you are having a fabulous week and had a great Mother's Day!


Friday afternoon I left the office early to take Tucker to the vet.  He had a few little episodes over Jack's birthday weekend that made us a little nervous given his age of almost 12.  I thought it was just anxiety from having houseguests, but wanted to rule out anything else major after some of the horror stories my MIL told me.  Turns out he is fine...great, actually.  And Jack had a blast at the Vet's office seeing all of the "ruff ruffs" as he calls dogs.

Earlier in the day, Jack had a painting session with his nanny to make Mother's Day gifts for me and his "Mimi."  

My husband spoiled me by leaving the office a little early and picking up Zoe's Kitchen for dinner - which has been a hardcore pregnancy craving of mine (particularly the chicken kabobs with rice and fruit)  Yay for not cooking! 


Our plan for Saturday morning was to take Jack to the neighborhood carnival, but he woke up super congested and not looking great so we decided to keep him inside in case it was allergies.   

Saturday afternoon a stylist from the new BlownAway App came over to the house to do my hair and makeup for a wedding we were attending  later in the day.   Although I love getting my hair and makeup done, I wouldn't normally have this done just to attend a local wedding, however this was given to me in order to review the service for Houston Moms Blog later this month.  Don't mind if I do then!  I'll save all of the pictures for the review post.  

Once we were all primped and ready, Jason and I headed to the wedding and reception and had a great time.  We left Jack at home with his nanny because no one wants a screaming toddler ruining their vows!


Mother's Day on Sunday started off a little rough with Jack waking up early, not feeling well.  My husband would have let me sleep in, but it's hard to sleep when you know your baby is in the other room not feeling well so we all got up!

We did breakfast at home and Mother's Day presents! 

Since Jack seemed to pep up and didn't have a fever we went to church at 11 since we hadn't been in several weeks.  Afterwards instead of braving the Mother's Day lunch crowds with a cranky toddler we headed home and Jason just picked up some burgers I had been craving while Jack napped.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging at home and doing a quick grocery store run which was actually quite amusing given the amount of dads on grocery duty that day! 


On Monday I took the day off of work to have a "girls day" with my mom to celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday.  Before we met up I had a doctor's appointment just to check on Coffee Bean.  Since we weren't doing an ultrasound or anything exciting I went by myself.  It eventually ended up being a super positive appointment with affirmations from my doctor that my swelling and weight gain are not worrisome, but what did have me (and the nurse) worried for a very long 5 minutes was finding Coffee Bean's heartbeat.  It took way too long and made me a nervous wreck! 

After the appointment, mom and I headed to the Galleria where we literally shopped til we dropped.  We hit Gap Maternity, Destination Maternity, Nordstrom shoe department (twice- ha) and of course the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch...yum Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad!  #spoiled

Sidenote: why oh why am I obsessed with pink all of the sudden?  I've always strayed away from it, but lately can't get enough - especially mixed with black!  Maybe since I will be a forever boy mom, I'm learning to play up the girly?

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  1. I am loving that floral dress!! Please share! What is it with men?? Sean made sure I was fed well all weekend too, haha! So glad you had a great weekend!!



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