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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Recap :: Crazy Houston Weather and Sleep...What's That?

Happy Tuesday friends.  This has been one of the weirdest weekends to date, but I'm happy to report from Houston that The Purifoys are safe!  I'm even at work right now...working hard, while getting a quick blog post in!

The crazy shenanigans began for us early Sunday morning when I was woken up by phone alarms saying that our neighborhood was under a Tornado Warning and to seek shelter immediately.  I never want to panic or react out of fear, but since Jack sleeps on the second floor of our house, we weren't messing around with this one and jumped into action.  Jason, Tucker, Jack and I all crammed into our laundry room since it's in the interior of our first floor with no windows.  We only had to stay "hunkered down" as we say in Houston for about 30 minutes, but at 6am on the weekend that was more than enough excitement.

Yes, we put our dog in the dryer during tornado watch so Jack wouldn't mess with him!

Naps were had by all on Sunday, but we managed to have a great day even grilling burgers for company that evening!

We all went to bed early Sunday night in hopes of a full 8 hours of sleep.  Too bad at 11pm our home alarm went off and woke up the entire house - including Jack.  He was so freaked out that I couldn't get him down until 2am.  So much for 8 hours of sleep!

Jason and I joked that Monday night would be our night of calm...

Good grief no!  It was the loudest, craziest storm I've ever been through in Houston and that is including several hurricanes.  Jason was supposed to start his new job today so I felt horrible that he wasn't getting to sleep.  His office is closed all day so at least he's getting some rest before his rescheduled first day tomorrow!

Our dog threw up twice in our bed, we lost power in the middle of the night, but precious Jack slept through it all!  Every time we had a loud crash of thunder, I'd check his monitor and he didn't even flinch.  I so desperately wanted to pull him in bed with us, but I wasn't about to disrupt a sleeping baby!

All in all, we came out so lucky.  Many people lost power for much longer, had major flooding inside their home and were even stuck on freeways and flooded roads {especially all of those leaving the Rockets Game last night...thank heavens I don't like basketball}!

My heart goes out to everyone dealing with the chaos.  We are supposed to get much more rain this week so it's not even the end.  They are now starting to report deaths around Houston, destroyed homes and lots of destroyed cars.  Praying for everyone!

Being in the 'burbs helped us with the flooding, as much of the major stuff is inside the loop, however we are getting lots of reports {being in the country} of crazy critters in people's homes and yards.  So far our neighborhood is reporting lots of snakes, gators, lost deer running around and even drowned bats?!?!

Funniest moment of the storm craziness goes to my friend Erin, who despite being devastated that her house had taken in over 3 inches of rain in every room including lots of gross critters, she posted the best picture of her dog floating around their house in a raft so he wouldn't jump on their bed!  Gotta love people who can laugh through extreme devastation.   And for children who can sleep through it all like her two precious kiddos!

Highlights of the weekend :: It wasn't all craziness

Saturday - Errands at City Center including Kendra Scott and lunch at Yard House, long naps had by all!  Jason and I watched American Sniper
Sunday - Grilled burgers, made Red, White and Blue Trifle, had mom and LE over for dinner
Monday - Fun trip to Target with Jack and Mimi, lots of homes projects tackled

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  1. Glad to hear y'all are safe and sound! WOW! What a weekend of the worst time! Our smoke alarms went off early one morning last week for no apparent reason. Such a frustration with sleeping babes.



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