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Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday :: Things I'm Loving & A Few Busts

Happy Friday!  Jason and I are super excited today because we just learned Coffee Bean's gender!  I plan to announce it next week...I know that's just mean of me!  We still need time to tell the rest of our family and let it sink in.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I wanted to share a few things that I've been just loving lately. 

ONE:  Beauty

Rose Salve Lip Balm
This stuff was raved by Shay of Mix and Match Mama so I added it to my shopping cart last time I placed a Nordstrom order and now I love it!  I primarily use it on my lips but you can use for cuticles or any dry spots on your body!  Don't worry may find this in your Mother's Day gift (she is obsessed with anything rose and I know would order it if I didn't tell her that)!

Clinique "Pop Lip" Color & Primer
I'm loving these new lipsticks by Clinique because they are moisturizing and have great color pay-off.  They are not long-lasting, but do their job and stay on long enough.  I have Love Pop and Cherry Pop.  My next buy will be Bare Pop!  

TWO:  Tech

iPhone 6 Plus &
iPhone 6 Plus Case by Rifle Paper Co. {Transparent Clear Rosa}
Jason bought me a new iPhone last week.  I totally didn't need one, but he negotiated some sort of deal when he was getting himself a new phone so why not!  I opted for the larger iPhone 6 Plus thinking I would enjoy the larger screen for images, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook...all the essentials for a blogger.  It honestly took some getting used to, but now I LOVE it.  If you don't have a tablet that you use often this is a great compromise.

And on top of loving my beautiful gold phone, I'm loving this case by Rifle Paper Co. recommended by Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.  I love that you can still see the beautiful phone with a little extra pop, just perfect for spring.  

THREE:  Baby

Honest Bowtie Diaper Print
I mean, how can you not love this adorable print on a chubby toddler bum!  I bought mine at Target.

FOUR:  Clothing

Denim Jacket
My denim jacket is a few years old from Old Navy (regular sizing), but now that I'm pregnant have been putting it in heavy rotation lately with maternity tops and dresses.  It's perfect to pair with spring tops when you are in a chilly store or office.  Mine is a super dark denim so it looks great with black pants, dresses, or even lighter denim on the bottom.  Would also look amazing paired with white pants.  

FIVE:  Office

Day Designer
My Day Designer has not left my side since I started using is on January 1.  I actually left it at home a few days ago and felt lost the entire day without it.  Couldn't love it more and highly recommend! 

And what's a favorites list without a few busts ::

Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye - this product was raved about from Kate of The Small Things Blog.  As a toddler mom and now expecting, I'm always tired so the thought of a cooling eye pen seemed perfect!  Although, the roller ball does feel good when applying, it doesn't do a thing for de-puffing in my opinion.  Jason even tried this one a few times when he had some eye bags and thought the same thing.  Seems like a waste of money!

The Dry Bar "Morning After" Shower Cap - I purchased this shower cap on a whim without reading the reviews on  After using this for a few weeks, I can confirm that the negative reviews were 100% accurate.  This shower cap is great for totally covering your hair, but poorly designed.  The lining on the inside does not dry completely (I tried everything except drying it in my dryer after each use because that seems excessive).  After just a few uses, it started to smell like mold and went in the trash! Waste of money. 

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Cover-Ups - I was able to snag a few Lilly Pulitzer for Target cover-ups that I was coveting through a LFT Facebook page, however once I had them in hand they weren't that great.  The print, colors and material were all great.  The fit was HUGE on the kaftan and looked like I was wearing an old lady nightgown.  I'm sure all of the other Lilly for Target stuff is great, but if you are frustrated that you haven't scored a coverup yet, don't waste your time.  Luckily I was able to sell mine!


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  1. That case from Rifle Paper Co. is so springy! They always have the best products!

  2. haah I bought that depuffing pen too. I do love the feel of the cold ball along my under eye but I would probably agree that I don't notice a big change in puffiness!!

  3. The Lilly sizing was so hit or miss! I'm glad I ordered multiple sizes AND that the hype is all gone! Whew, I was getting annoyed going to target! lol - can't wait to hear what Coffee Bean is!



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