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Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday :: Coffee Bean Has a Name!

Happy Friday!  It's been a week with some emotional ups and downs, but let's move on to some happy news! 


Coffee Bean has a name and it will be...

Colin Everett!  

Neither Jason nor I "won" the name game, but this feels like the right fit for our second son.  I posted a thread on Facebook last week asking for name ideas.  While Colin was not one of the names suggested, all of the ideas drove me away from certain names due to popularity and to this one after a long brainstorm.  I love it and think it feels different enough to meet my requirements of not being the "hot" name of the year, but not crazy and weird, meeting Jason's requirement.

Joke is on me when everyone I know having a boy this fall (which seems like a EVERYONE) names their kid Colin, but oh well.  That's what happened with my Jack. 

Everett is Jason's grandfather's name (also the person who married us) and seemed to fit just perfect!  We love that we are able to honor him.    


The nursery plans are coming along.  We haven't actually put anything into it since we haven't moved Jack yet, but my dining room has become a great staging area to make plans!  I keep buying stuff and one of these days, the items will make their way into the room. 


At 25 weeks, I'm still feeling great.  My lower back kills me towards the end of the day, but feels much better after a good night's rest using my Bump Nest.

Another favorite pregnancy product I'm loving lately is Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.  I'm already feeling like my skin is being stretched like crazy, but this helps if I apply both morning and night. It feels so good without being greasy.  Love that is doesn't have a strong scent too!


Does anyone else have {or had} jitters about sending your kiddo to preschool for the first time?  I know it's just preschool a couple times a week, but I'm already stressing over Jack having all the right "stuff" and becoming accustomed to his new schedule.  We've been trying to follow the preschool schedule as much as we can so it isn't a huge shock next month.

Image via

I've already ordered a backpack and lunch bag from Two Magnolia Lane {you have until August 1 to place an order} and also ordered this Bento Box from Pottery Barn Kids after a friend recommended it when her son started preschool last year.

Any other items or tips I need to consider?  If I'm this worked up over preschool, how will I be when he starts Elementary???  The life of a worrier! 


We've been trying to make the most out of the unbearable Houston heat lately.  It's almost even too hot to swim in the pool since it's not that cooling but more like sitting in bath water in the afternoons.  It's been water hoses, popsicles and pool time as much as we can!

Have a great {and cool} weekend!

We are doing some "Watermelon Mini Session" pictures with Mommas Gonna Snap Photography and Jason and I are both getting haircuts.  Maybe some pool time on Sunday too and nursery chair shopping.


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  1. Love, love the name! Perfect. Those first days of preschool are hard - at least they were for me. The kids did great, it was me who was the mess :) Don't forget a nap mat!

  2. Coffee bean, such a cute lil nickname! I do love the name Colin :)!

  3. I love the name you guys chose and the nursery decor looks amazing!!! :)

  4. We have the same bento box from Pottery Barn and after 3 years it's still in perfect condition...we use it everyday!

  5. LOVE his name! But I'm kinda partial because my brother's name is Colin. Love Everett as a middle name, too!!

  6. Love the name you've chosen & the nursery items are super cute!

  7. Love love love the name y'all chose! Let the personalized items start coming!!!

    I've been meaning to comment about something for a while, but you know prego brain. When you first announced that you were expecting and your bump started to show earlier I of course thought you looked (and still look) beautiful. But I'm now finding I feel the exact same way! I definitely look like 25 weeks pregnant and I'm only 14 weeks....crazy!!!!

  8. I've been looking for something like the bento boxes you just mentioned, but I was having trouble finding one that I liked. But the ones you mentioned look perfect!

  9. I love love love the name! Your requirements sound like ours when we had our son. Also, I used Bio Oil when I was pregnant and it worked great on my belly. I didn't even know this Burt Bee's stuff was out there.

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!

  10. I love his name! My uncles name is Jack Everett!



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