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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Update :: 22, 23 & 24 Weeks

22 Weeks
24 Weeks, 6 Days
...And yes I realize I look 30+ weeks pregnant!  I almost didn't post these pics, but it is what it is ) I want to document this pregnancy: the good, the bad, the all.  My doctor assures me everything is normal and I think my posture is just sucking and making me stick out my stomach more than I should.  Probably why I have lower back pain these days too.  It's not gonna be pretty come 35+ weeks people.  I'm thankful for my growing baby boy {and not so thankful for my short frame and extra 10 pounds I never lost}! 

How far along: 22, 23 & 24 Weeks
Size of Coffee Bean: 8.5 inches, 1.5 lbs (at 24 weeks)
Fruit/vegetable comparison:  Papaya (22), Grapefruit (23), Ear of Corn (24)

Gender:  Another Baby Boy!
Showing: Oh yes!
Maternity clothes:  100% Maternity pants and 80/20 in tops and dresses  
Unglamorous body changes:  Nothing new
Sleep:  Decent...just not enough of it!
Movement:  LotsJason even felt the kicks starting in week 22!  I tried to get Jack to feel his little brother kick, but when I asked him if he wanted to feel his brother's kicks he proceeded to kick me.  Gotta work on that one!
Food cravings: Nothing new, but I am loving the strawberry pie pops I just discovered this week!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No
Wedding rings on or off: Engagement ring is on, but my stack of other two rings is too tight when worn together.  
Mood: Pretty darn emotional the past few weeks...let's just say I've cried at work which is something I HATE doing for many reasons.  
Best moment this week: We celebrated the fourth of July at 22 weeks which was fun, but the best moment from the three weeks is deciding on a name...halleluiah!  It seems like this one is finally going to stick and I've even ordered his name on a few items so now it's really official!  I'm making the announcement this Friday (tomorrow) on the blog!
Strange experiences:  People are really starting to touch my belly especially if I'm wearing more form fitting outfits.  I can't stand this, especially in this Houston heat.  How do you tell someone to stop touching you once they have started?  I'm pretty good about keeping my personal space and giving off body language so this doesn't happen, but there is always those few who don't get it!
Milestones: Finally coffee bean has a name and has become much more active.  
Looking forward to: Getting the glucose test over with next week and making more nursery progress.  And more monogramming of course!

Love my little photo bomber!

Name announcement on Friday!!!

Read about my 22 week, 23 week and 24 week update from my first pregnancy!


 I'm linking up today with Annie and Natalie today for Thoughts for Thursday. 

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. You look fabulous! Good luck with the brutal heat and staying comfortable. I ant wait to hear the name announcement tomorrow!!

  2. You are going to look back on this time, pictures, comments and say to yourself, "What was I talking about, I look great!!) Which you do. So enough already with the self flagellation!

  3. girlfriend, you look adorable!! That wrap dress is where it's at for you. Looks awesome on you. So excited that ya'll have settled on a name and can't wait to hear it!

  4. You look great, and that wrap dress is so cute on you! And I LOVE his name!



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