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Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Recap :: Valentine's Day

I can't believe it's Monday again!  I hope you had a great weekend and Valentine's Day!  We sure did.
I'll start the recap on Friday since I took the morning off from work to take Jack to his Valentine's Day party at school.  He doesn't normally go to school on Fridays - the day of the party - so we just went up for lunch and to pass out his cards.  They had heart shaped pizzas which ended up not being very heart-shaped, but made for a good laugh.  It was so cute to see all of the kids passing out their cards.

We ordered Jack's cards this year from Minted.  They were running a special promotion for free stickers and shipping when you bought the cards which I thought were very reasonable given the quality and ease of it.  No printing and cutting worries for me this year! I just bought some crayon packages at the Dollar Store and called it a day!

Way to go Papa John's  #heartpizzafail

I had to work in the afternoon, but then came home and hung out with the boys outside until Jason got home - notice that we are in a major Winnie the Pooh phase including all of the chalk art.  

On Saturday morning I took Jack to get Valentine's donuts while Colin slept and Jason was messing with some home stuff.  We pretty much just had a slow day doing stuff around the house.  After naps in the afternoon we drove to the Water Wall in Houston near the Galleria.  We thought it would be a nice walk and fun for Jack.  When we got there it was suddenly cold and super windy.  Good thing we weren't planning on staying very long since Jack ended up being scared of the actual water wall and didn't want to go near it - ha!  He enjoyed the park though so it wasn't a total bust. 

We packed up the car and headed back to the 'burbs.  It was around 6:30 on the Saturday before Valentine's Day and we had both kids in tow, but we decided to try and grab some dinner out.  I was unsure since it was a little late for Jack and I didn't want to be "those people" ruining others special Valentine dates.  We picked a loud restaurant and just got super lucky that Colin slept the whole time and Jack was on his best behavior.

We walked around the square before heading home and doing late baths.  I ended up snuggling with sleeping Colin for a little bit before putting him down for the night and watching Devil Wears Prada - my fave.  Since I've been back to work from maternity leave {and he is now sleeping in his crib and not in our room} our baby snuggles are few and far between so I enjoyed that hour rather than rushing to do baths and other chores.

On Sunday morning Jason made heart shaped pancakes for us and we gave the boys some Valentine's goodies before heading to church.  Jack loved playing in the Church nursery and Colin slept great (since he didn't sleep much Saturday night for me).  We did lunch out afterwards and sat outside followed by naps and a grocery store run by me #typicalsunday

I made the boys Winnie the Pooh themed Easter baskets...

Jason and I rounded out the evening by watching the spring premiere of The Walking Dead and eating Valentine candy in bed.  Nothing says Valentine's Day like zombies.  

Special memories from this weekend include playing Hide and Go Seek with Jack on Saturday night.  He had so much fun finding me and Jason.  The cutest moment though was him hiding in his teepee with his little feet sticking out!  And of course celebrating Colin's very first Valentine's Day!

Time to conquer another week! 


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