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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday :: Life Lately

Top :: Chalk drawing of my Jack - Bath time with Colin - LV love and a new pen
Middle :: New Hair - Spring Welcome Mat from Target - Brother tummy time
Bottom :: Jack bringing birthday donuts to Mimi - New Tory Burch Loafers - Working on a Spring Beauty Post for Houston Moms Blog

Happy Thursday!  It's been so long since I've blogged on the regular so I wanted to catch you up with us.  Instagram seems to be the best way to catch our day-to-day until I can figure out the best blog/life balance.  Hope you are having a great week!


It's been quite obvious if you've been checking my blog lately that I'm still trying to find that perfect balance in my life after having a second child.  Unfortunately, my blog seems to take the backseat these days.  I generally blog in the evenings, often staying up too late once the kids are in bed, but lately by the time I pickup the house from being gone all day at work, pump and wash all of my pump parts, I am just spent and getting on the computer just isn't in the cards.  When I do, it's for my deadlines for Houston Moms Blog.  As the saying goes there just isn't enough hours in the day.  I try to remind myself that this is just a hard period and not to compare myself to others, which is really hard for me to do.  Others seem to be able to add a child to their family and jump right back into blogging, work and life so seamlessly.  I have however written several posts for HMB recently including a Bachelor Post and a Rodeo Fashion Post.  I also have a fun Spring Beauty post coming soon!


Blogs are about the only thing I'm reading these days.  There are just so many great posts to read and so little time on my part that I love catching up on my blog reading rather than picking up a novel.  This week I've really enjoyed this post about adding a third child into the mix - no we aren't even toying with this idea, but it's a great read if you have two of one gender.  


I'm a Bravo junkie and I'm not ashamed to tell you that!  Lately I've been loving Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlana.  I'm also REALLY looking forward to Real Housewives of Dallas and Southern Charm to premiere this April!  I've been glued to the Bachelor this season and can't wait to find out who Ben picks!  I love both girls, but am Team JoJo. 

I've also been hitting YouTube hard binge watching my two favorite channels Pretty Shiny Sparkly and Everyday Estee.  I've also been loving watching Louis Vuitton review vlogs and I blame Kristina for this.  I'm a huge LV fan myself so these are fun to learn more about the brand and plan future purchases.


I am horrible about getting in eating ruts.  Once I find something I like I will eat it constantly until I'm so sick of it.  Anyone else do this?  Lately I've been eating Cobb Salads from Chickfila like it's my job.  I also can't get enough Cuties/Halos.  I will eat like 4 in one sitting.  I've also been eating too many Cadbury Eggs...gotta get these in while it's their season!  


On the weekends I've been living in active-wear - mostly Lululemon.  And don't be fooled, I'm not working out like at all unless you count chasing around a toddler.  It's just the most comfortable for playing with the kiddos, nursing and getting spit up on throughout the day.  My, what a glamorous life I lead.

I'm really itching for some new Lulu, but have told myself I can't buy any until I actually start working out...a little mental motivation!  I also have my eye on these babies.  


I'm working on the boys' Easter baskets and outfits this week.  So far they have nothing to wear on Easter, but DO have the cutest jammies to wear Easter morning.  #priorities

I'd love to find a new dress to wear on Easter too, but so far I've been striking out on everything I try.  Starting to think it's my body, not the dresses I'm having a problem with.  Gotta stop those Cadbury Eggs! 


Celebrating Colin's first Easter and taking the boys to a few local Egg Hunts including the Houston Moms Blog EGGstravaganza.  If you are local, tickets are still on sale HERE.


I finally joined Snapchat and although I'm loving watching everyone's stories, I have yet to post anything myself.  I had to get the younger girls at my office to show me how to use it! Hopefully I will figure it out and start posting soon.  I love that it's more "real life" than Instagram has become.  I love Insta, but have really been turned off lately and feeling the pressure to have more professional images and a theme on my account rather than just enjoying sharing parts of my life.  There is a great post here about how to Snapchat and what it is. 

If you are on Snapchat, comment below so I can follow you or add me: @theperfectcatch

 I'm linking up with Annie and Natalie today for Thoughts for Thursday.
Thoughts and prayers are with Annie too as she has been dealing with a super sick kiddo this week.

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Yes! It is so hard to get back to blogging!!! I can read a lot from my phone during late night feedings but I rarely get to comment :-(

  2. I've been on a cuties kick, too! My snapchat is the same as my IG/twitter... I'll try to go find you now!



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