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Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend in the books.  I'm so excited for Daylight Savings Time!  The boys slept extra late on Sunday morning and I just love having extra daylight in the evenings when I get home from work.

On Friday Jason got home much earlier than he normally does so we went out to dinner rather than doing our usual ordering in.  We had a great dinner outside on a patio then walked to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream afterwards.

On Saturday I had a long to-do list for Jason to tackle, but first we were surprised with donuts with Mimi and Papi.  Jason put together a new toy for Colin, hung new curtains for Jack, changed a million lightbulbs and got our Easter decorations down from the attic {why am I always too scared to go into the attic?}.  I did all of the laundry, meal planning and decorated for Easter!

Colin enjoying his new Exersaucer toy with Jack

After a morning full of chores we ran to our favorite spot for lunch and a walk.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside.  I even took the time to add a Snapchat of it!  Still learning, but at least I'm trying.  My username is theperfectcatch and I'm totally addicted!

After attempted naps...only Jason ended up sleeping ha - we all hit the grocery store for the week.  I usually save this task for Sundays solo, but was happy to get it knocked out early with my sweet fam.  Colin slept in his stroller that Jason pushed and I was planning to put Jack in a shopping cart with me.  As soon as we walked up to the store, Jack threw a tantrum and didn't want to sit in a cart.  There was no way Jason could handle both boys and still be productive and I couldn't have Jack running around the busy store, so I did what I swore I would never do as a mom {desperate times} and grabbed one of those enormous, germ-ridden "car carts".  That thing is a beast, but Jack was thrilled to "drive the car".  I used so many antibacterial wipes on the cart and said a few Hail Mary's before just letting go!  And yes, I realize that these are probably just as dirty as regular carts, but I just picture them covered in HF&M germs whenever I see all of the snot nosed kids riding in them.

Jason grilled us a healthy dinner and we called it a day!

On Sunday we had planned to meet friends for an early lunch, but Jason forgot that he had volunteered at church at the late service so we all headed to church and stayed late afterwards.  We managed to sneak in a late lunch at Rudy's before heading home.  While Jason and Jack napped, Colin and I met my mom at the shops in Sugar Land.  She needed to a few things at Sephora and I "needed" a new Easter dress.

I hit the Jackpot at both Talbots and Ann Taylor - the two stores that were in walking distance to where we were.  I never shop online at either of these places, but can usually find what I need.  Ann Taylor is currently doing 40% off everything too.  Easter outfit - check!

Colin is such a good baby during long as you keep him moving!

 I made this recipe for dinner and we enjoyed a nice stroll outside since it was still light!

I'm totally looking forward to the Bachelor finale tonight!   

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  1. I was thinking about the Bachelor finale last night in bed!! EEEEEKK! Glad y'all had a great weekend!



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