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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekend Recap :: Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Easter Sunday.  Ours was busy and fun and also weird because Jason was out of town all weekend for work.   I hate that he missed Colin's first Easter, but sometimes work has to take priority.  Don't feel too sorry for him - he was in Chicago attending college basketball playoff games, sleeping in and enjoying lots of yummy meals.  I know he would have rather been home with us, but at least it wasn't a total bust. 

On Friday morning Jason left for Chicago until Monday.  This was the longest I would have the boys on my own, but I was up for the challenge!  I checked out of work a little early to get a mani/pedi before our nanny was off.  I knew this would be my only "me time" the entire weekend so I fully enjoyed it.

Essie Fiji

Friday afternoon my mom came and picked up Jack to spend the night with her so I could have one night caring for just one.  Jack had a blast at Mimi's house that night making cookies and playing.  Colin and I ordered pizza and got as much rest as we could since I knew the rest of the weekend was going to be cray!

On Saturday morning my mom took Jack to an Easter Egg Hunt at my grandmother's home while Colin and I slept in.  Creepy bunny alert.  I'm shocked Jack wasn't scared of him!

Once my little tornado got home from his hunt it was back to crazy toddler life!  We packed up the car and headed to my dad's house across town for an early Easter celebration.  Jack hunted eggs with his cousin Brody and we had a yummy lunch.

On Sunday we were up early to see what the Easter bunny brought.  We face timed with Jason so he could be part of the fun, but because we did that I have no pictures of their baskets before they were tore into!  I had every intention of taking the boys to church by myself, but after attempting to get us all ready among the crying and chaos I finally waved the white flag and just got us ready for lunch at my mom's giving us much more time.  I've taken the boys to church by myself before and it was exhausting - I just didn't have the fight in me this time, especially knowing that the service would be longer and more crowded than usual.  #easterfail

We had a great afternoon at my mom's eating lunch, too many sweets and egg hunting.  Jack had a blast squirting everyone with water guns and playing outside for hours and Colin had fun being passed around all afternoon.

He and Colin were exhausted by the time we left so it was quick baths and bed for the boys followed by lots of laundry and picking up for me so Jason didn't have to come home to a disaster zone! 

It's been a hectic time with Jason being out of town, planning his birthday celebration that we had yesterday and now he is wrapped up with Final Four.   Hang on with me as I navigate through the crazy and hope to post more consistently. 


  1. It's tough holding down the fort when they are so small, and on a holiday weekend! Good job, mama, hang in there! I love all the pictures of your sweet boys.

  2. It's tough to hold down the fort when they are small, and on a holiday weekend! Good job, mama, hang in there! Love all the pictures of your sweet boys :)

  3. Your boys are just too cute! And you go, mama, for making it work during a holiday solo! I was by myself with just Charlotte for two nights from Sunday to Tuesday, and I thought I was about to lose my marbles. You always amaze me! And cheers to making crazy our new normal. I'm right there with you! Xoxo

  4. Awww, your little munchkins are so lovable! Great for you, keeping it all together by yourself on a holiday weekend, I'm impressed. Butttttttt......sometimes life is a bit easier when David is out of town. I only have one person to keep fed and happy. ;)



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