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Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Recap :: Gearing Up for Easter

Ever have one of those weekends when you just feel like a crazy person running around?  That was us - the hot mess express family!  The good news is that we all survived and had fun doing it just laughing along the way.  When I was a mom to one I tried so hard to show everyone that I had it all together.  With two it's obvious that I don't have it all together, but I've learned if you can laugh at yourself and have fun, others will jump on board with you (for the most part).


On Friday I tried to leave work early to get a mani/pedi.  I had just enough time to get one before I had to be home to relieve the nanny, but my place was so crowded!  I tried to hang and make it work but started getting anxiety that I wouldn't be finished in time so I left and just grabbed a coffee and ran a few errands.  #nailfail

I was pleasantly surprised though to find my new Easter wreath was delivered a few days early and looks great!  

Wreath by The Wreath Chick

Jason was playing in a golf tournament Friday afternoon to kick off the Superbowl being hosted in Houston next year so I knew he would be home later than usual.  The boys and I played outside and then ordered pizza #healthydinnerfail

I promise he ate fruit too!


The boys let me sleep in since I was up a few times with Colin during the night - just when I thought we turned a sleep corner!  Oh well, Jack and I hit the donut shop when I got up and were lazy.  

Jason wasn't feeling great thanks to my lovely breakfast I provided my family of donuts and kolaches so he stayed home while I braved Target on a Saturday with both boys.  I've taken both boys out with me alone before, but never to do a major shopping run.  My plan was to put Jack in the shopping cart and Colin in the baby carrier, but when we arrived Colin was OUT and sleeping so peacefully that I didn't want to wake him so I carried his infant seat in.  We grabbed a cart inside and by the time I had Jack sitting in the cart and the infant carrier inside the cart, there was no room for actual items! 

There was a couple there loading up there one child and watching my hot mess self.  I just looked at them and said, well this will be interesting.  They laughed and asked what I was going to do.  I told them improvise.  And that we did...we managed to get everything I needed strategically placed underneath the cart and around Jack.  It was tight (and a sight) but we did and had fun.  Jack ate his way through the store since there were so many Saturday samples going on.  He even complained that he wasn't ready to leave - and Colin cried too to show how much he loved Target (or how much he hated that I stopped the cart to checkout) ha! 

We grabbed another healthy meal of Chickfila on our way home for lunch and then worked our way towards nap time.  I enjoyed a peaceful house while all three of my boys (husband included) slept for two hours.  Colin fell asleep on me leaving me to not be productive but I took it as a sign that I should be still too.  Plus I miss our afternoon snuggle sessions since going back to work. 

Jason wanted to get out of the house and I wanted to continue my weekend cooking strike so we went to our usual weekend restaurant for dinner and for a walk around the square. 


Sunday was a super busy day and I seemed to be 15 minutes behind to everything #allaboardthehotmessexpress!  I drove across town Sunday morning for a baby shower for my friend Lauryn.  Lauryn and I have been friends since elementary school and we lived in college together for 3 years!  Anyone who can live with you for that long is a true friend.  She is having her second boy in May.  The shower was beautiful.  I fell in love with the invitations and all of the details that day were perfect too.

After the shower I raced home to get the boys ready for the Houston Moms Blog Eggstravaganza.  Again, we left late, arrived late and had to leave early because it was so cold.  The event was a major success - Jack got to hunt eggs, hug the Easter Bunny and eat donuts.  Poor Colin was freezing.  He didn't want to sit in the stroller and I forgot a hat to keep his head warm while he was in the baby carrier so I wrapped his head in burp cloths, lol!  After I put in my volunteer time we left and headed to dinner, because why start cooking now?


The restaurant we ate at was super crowded and they sat us at a table that was what I call "New York style" where we all sat super close to other people and shared a long booth bench.  The couple to our right kept staring at both kids looking super annoyed (turns out Jason learned when I took the boys to the bathroom that the couple was actually in a baby naming fight with each other and warmed up to us throughout the meal).  The family to our left kept getting grossed out at Colin's constant spit-ups (and my lack of concern for it) and the the lady across the aisle complained (a little too loudly) that parents should be more aware of their baby's eating schedules so they don't have to do it in public.  I wasn't even nursing, but evidently my bottle feeding followed by burping/spit-ups pushed her over the edge.  I just smiled at her so she knew I heard her and carried on with my happy family.

By Sunday night after baths, I was more like the Walking Dead than anything tired I couldn't even handle an episode of The Walking Dead #ohtheirony and went to bed.


Hope you had a fun weekend too and are looking at a great week! My goal this week is to get some workouts in and make better food choices...anything is better than my weekend food choices.  I made that easy for myself!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious on the lady who was mad at you for the spit up, and you didn't even care!! The nerve! We never go eat, just because my husband gets major anxiety if the kids start to act up and it literally ruins our meal so we opt for eating in or getting take out %95 of the time.. I'm sure you will get back into your groove soon and not have to deal with rude people when you are out! Two at a time is hard, but you will get used to it!

  2. Aww sweet Colin - we have those polar bear fleece jammies too but Duncan doesn't fit in them anymore!

  3. Yet you're still smiling! :) But did you watch The Walking Dead yet?!

  4. Wow. What a busy but fun weekend! :) I'm glad that Jack had a great time at the event.

    Amy @

  5. Haha, yea, the cart situation gets a little better. Now my two want to ride in those huge car carts and I feel like I'm driving a bus. Ha! Sean and I typically go together and each get a cart. Sounds like a busy, FUN, weekend!!



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