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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Black and White Bathroom Accessories

Jason and I did our master bedroom and bathroom in black and white.  I needed new bath accessories for the counter tops like a toothbrush holder and a soap dish.  A few weeks ago Jason and I discovered the Black and White Apothecary Bath Accessories from Pottery Barn

Even though some of the pieces were a but pricey ($50 for a wastebasket!), I justified m purchases because I didn't need the whole set and I had a stash of gift cards.  I ended up with the toothbrush holders (2 since we have a double sink), soap dish and set of canisters.  I set it all up at home and love the look!

However, just last night while browsing Bed Bath & Beyond, I noticed their version, the Toulouse Bain Bath Ensemble.  The look and quality are both very similar.  The main difference in the two sets is that the BBB version does not have the three canisters.  They do however have an aluminum basket (not pictured) that I bought to hold my products that I like to keep out on counter like hairsprays and lotions).  It looks wonderful next to the Pottery Barn pieces.  You can't even tell the difference! 


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  3. I love the tooth brush holder with shimmering body which is give you a royal looks. The variety of your accessories were definitely elegant. Perfect match for my bathroom design.



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