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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Carolina Creek Christian Camp

Back in May (way behind on this post) Jason and I attended an Open House at Carolina Creek Christian Camp.  CCCC is a non-denominational Christian camp located in Huntsville, TX and founded in 2000 by Dr. LE and Shelley Richey (my mom and step-dad).  Since then, the camp has continued to grow in size and in campers every year.  This June, "The Wild" opened which is the new camp for elementary aged children.  At the open house in May we got a sneak preview of "The Wild" and it is AWESOME! 

This is truly the place to be in the summer if you are camp-age or the place to send your kids.  Jason and I look forward to hopefully sending our future children there and secretly wish we could attend now...the ropes course looks awesome and the zipline is so fun!  There is something for everyone with a waterpark, sports, archery, lake, "Blob", breathtaking views, great food, and very nice facilities.  I was always a more "Troop Beverly Hills" kinda kid and I would have more than approved of this camp...indoor bathrooms, air conditioning, all of the amenities a spoiled child could need!

Caroline Creek is also open throughout the year for adults and children for retreats, seminars, team-building, etc.  Visit the website to learn more or shoot me an email and I will have someone contact you.   Founding Executive Director/Camp Directors Keith and Carrie Oglesby are the nicest, most wonderful people you will ever meet!  They work tirelessly to make sure your experience with CCCC is the best it could possibly be.    

At the "Beastro" Cafe at The Wild

The amazing cabins at The Wild complete with fireman's pole, private bathrooms, bunk beds and slide going out the back of the cabin, which is the animal's tail!  Keep in mind, this was before the grass and trees were planted so it's even prettier now.

My mom, Shelley, in front of the cabins.

Jason had to test out the fireman's pole in the cabins...

And so did Shelley

The new waterpark at The Wild

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