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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blast from the Past

Clinique was my first make-up to wear (flashback to Junior High) and fall in love with.  My mom thought it was more appropriate since it was light and sheer while being a higher quality than drugstore makeup (I'm not hating, I love me some drugstore lipstick and mascara).  I loved their eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick...and I went gaga over their beauty bag gift with purchase!  Their "Almost Lipstick" in Black Honey is a classic. 

But as the years went on so did my taste in makeup...I moved on to MAC in college and now mostly use private label stuff that I get from a local makeup artist in Houston. 

The Clinique name has been making lots of appearances recently in the blogosphere along with TV and print ads and displays at Nordstrom...all for the Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm.  So I finally broke down and gave them a try when I found a deal for a free Chubby Stick with any Clinique purchase and free shipping, duh!

I now have tried 4 colors and here are my thoughts!

-  Very moisturizing!  I usually wear chapstick under my lipstick because my lips are always dry (I promise I drink water), but there is absolutely no need with this product
-  Some days a little color is all you need
-  Small and light, throw in your pocket for color and moisture in one
-  Great variety of colors
-  Never needs sharpening and fun to apply since the shape is different than normal lipstick!

-  Most of the colors are very sheer
-  The color doesn't last as long as most lipstick does
-  Cost.  For $16.00 I can get 2-3 tubes of lipstick at the drugstore for just one chubby stick

Colors I've tried:
Mega Melon - sheer peachy pink
Love this one a lot.  It's my second favorite and a great color when I'm not weary much makeup on the weekend and just need a little bit of something.  Very subtle. 

Fuller Fig - sheer pinky beige
Like it.  I think I will get more wear out of this in the fall.  Right now I'm feeling bright colors.

Whole Lotta Honey - sheer warm beige
I purchased this one because I thought it might be a good nude color to try, but it's far to sheer for my taste.  You can't tell I have anything on. 

Pudgy Peony - sheer fuchsia
My FAVORITE!  It's bright, but without being to dramatic for daytime or work.  I love it!

Chunky Cherry - sheer cherry red
Is my next to try.  I've heard it's fab...from Vogue.

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