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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dorm Room Dreams

I will admit that the one year that I lived in the dorm at North Texas (shout out to Kerr Hall) was the best of my 4 years there.  Even though Lauryn and I complained about our RA, strict rules and suite mates, we had the time of our life...midnight madness, late night pizza and ramen noodles, Sex and the City marathons and tons of laughs.  Our dorm room was pretty darn cute: animal print everywhere including full-size rug. 

If I had to do it all over again, I would live in the dorm longer, possibly being the annoying RA to save some money AND I would have lots of options for cute dorm room decor.  I wanted to share these cute bedding sets that I've seen lately, but have no use for currently from Orla Kiely via Bed, bath & Beyond and Vera Bradley's new Bed and Bath sets

Orla Kiely bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond

Vera Bradley Dorm Room Rug

Vera Bradley Bedding

Vera Bradley Bedding


  1. Hi there, I'm your newest follower and fellow Houstonian! Just found your blog through The Simmonds in the Suburbs post that featured both of our blogs. I'd love it if you decided to follow me!

  2. Thanks for following! I already hopped on over to your super cute blog and became a follower also. Look forward to reading more!

  3. I've never had to live in a dorm room. I attend UH. I've only seen the inside of one and it was extremely small. For me it's way cheaper to live with my sister than get a single on campus. Pretty expensive. I would probably end up attacking my roommate if I did live in one. :/



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