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Monday, July 23, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Before moving from a 2 bedroom apartment in the city to a 4 bedroom house in the burbs, I got lots of advice. 

-  "There will be endless amounts of work to be done outside, especially with a pool"
-  "You will be shocked with how much cleaning has to be done constantly"
-  "Get ready for your bills to sky rocket"
-  "How on earth will you fill it coming from a small apartment"

So far nothing has surprised me.  Maybe I'll eat my words after a few more weeks, but I feel like I was very prepared for the work load and cleaning and surprisingly, J & I did not have any trouble filling the entire house! 

The one thing that no one prepared me for or even warned me on...

The critters!  So far in our backyard we've had raccoons, squirrels, turtles, toads, frogs, lizards, owls, hawks, and every type of creepy crawly imaginable including a giant walking stick and the largest asp I've ever seen.  I'm just waiting for a snake to show up.  We even found a spider in our bed this weekend (and this was after our Pest person came and treated the house).

In the neighborhood there are lots of ducks, bunnies, alligators and plenty of nutria!

One of the two raccoons who welcomed us last night when taking little Tucker out.

These little tree frogs are everywhere.  This guy was on Jason's car last night.
Giant asp I almost stepped on last night

Two HUGE owls sleep in our trees and around 7:30 pm we start hearing them hoo.  At about 8 they fly out and perch on the taller trees seen above searching for food...we just hope it's never Tucker!

Nutria are all over the golf course.  They are cute except for their rat tails.  Jason thought they were beavers and he will never live that down!

I am an avid animal lover and yet at times, I'm creeped.  I did not have this issue living inside the loop!  Is this just my particular house or a suburban thing? 

I'm sure you country folk are making fun of me right about now, but I'm a city girl used to viewing these things in cages at the zoo not jumping out at me late at night.  And I'm seriously worried about my little 5-pound, toothless Chihuahua running around!  Poor thing thought he was upgraded to a large yard, but I hardly let him run out of my sight these days. 

Oh and besides the animals, I thought we had ghosts too.  After taking tons of pictures in every room, the media room pictures were crawling with what I thought were "orbs."  Jason informed me it was just dust particles flying around since that room does not have strong ventilation. 

I need to stop watching Ghost Hunters so much.  And going outside barefoot at night. 

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  1. I could take everything except the nutria- giant RATS!



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