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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hospital Bag Must-Haves

It's a little too early for me to pack my bags for the hospital, but as a planner I've already started thinking about it.  Yesterday, there were not one, but two awesome posts on this topic that I wanted to share with you:

According to Nina:  Hospital Bag Essentials for Mom and Baby

Being Mrs. Gentry:  What To Pack When You're Expecting

I've quickly learned that to prepare for the hospital you are not just packing a bag for you, but one for you, baby, husband and an extra bag for all the supplies & goodies you may get.  All of the lists seem like a lot for such a short stay, but I also understand the importance of having your creature comforts during a stressful and uncomfortable time. 

I'm a natural overpacker so I need to be careful not to load too much.  The nurse during our hospital tour did recommend not to overpack because it ends up being a pain toting all of your things from room to room. 

Please share!  What were you happy you packed, what did you wish you packed and what should have stayed at home?


  1. Aww, thanks so much for including my link!

    I'm an overpacker as well. I love to have options, and I would hate to think that I forgot something that I wanted/needed. But when they discharge you from the hospital, not only will you be dealing with getting your stuff to the car, you'll be transporting another person home with you, which adds some stress! The nurse is right--less is better.

    Happy packing!

  2. I would definitely pack some good pajama pants and nursing tank tops (I found great ones for a good price at Target). I left all my technology, except for my phone, at home because I didn't want the room to be terribly cluttered....and quite frankly, it was nice to be off-line for that time. I did not take my Boppy last time and that was a mistake.

    Craig actually didn't pack a bag at all - he stayed at our house the whole time I was in the hospital, but we are also five minutes away so it wasn't a big deal.

    For Natalie I brought a few blankets and outfits, but honestly...she spent most of the time snuggled up on my chest and cozy under a blanket with me so there wasn't a big need for her own clothes.

    I'm also a less is more kind of girl when it comes to stuff like this though - I am the one in our family who keeps track of stuff and I didn't want to be partially incapacitated, trying to care for a newborn and keeping tabs on lots of stuff. And I was totally afraid that something would be left behind.

  3. Flip flops and socks!! Flip flops for hospital showers and socks for walks through the halls! With my first, I took a ton of stuff, with my second, I hardly took anything. I took undies, etc but when it came down to it, post delivery, I didnt want to get any of my stuff dirty so I just wore theirs for a day or so. We always took cash/coins for my husband and the vending machine too :) one more thing, take EVERYTHING off of the baby cart and take everything they give you...extra diapers, nasal suctions, etc! the hospital grade ones are THE best!

  4. Plenty of underwear you'd consider disposable. Inevitably, some will be ruined. Loose fitting, comfortable pants to go home. Also dark. Hopefully, everything goes smooth, but unexpected c-sections happen and you don't want anything tight or uncomfortable on an incision. And don't forget chargers!!

  5. Thanks for sharing these links! I will follow this post to see the comments so I can be sure to have a good list to go off of!

  6. I followed your blog from the newlyweds and got addicted to the product reviews as I am always looking for something fun and new. After having 2 babies in the last year and half I thought i would just make a quick comment of things to definitely bring.
    I agree less is more but make sure you pack what you want cause the hubby will be running home if you don't cause you will want it.
    But definites are panties, socks, comfy pjs (I liked the button ones or nursing ones if you plan to do that), and baby wipes the soft sensitive ones. The hospitals usually have good diapers but they skimp on wipes and nobody wants to clean that first newobron poo with cheap wipes. Good luck over the last part of the pregnancy and welcoming baby Jack



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