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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


(Wrote this yesterday, but forgot to post)

I'm back to work today after taking a sick day yesterday.  Both Jason and I have come down with terrible colds that we can't shake, even after taking it easy this weekend. 

Friday night we did our usual ordering in and watching Dexter...we are so boring and predictable, but I love it. 

Saturday was our 6 year anniversary of when we met, but rather than spending it at the Rodeo Cook-off where we actually met (last place a pregnant girl wants to be since it's a crazy party, booze fest type atmosphere) we explored old town Rosenberg near where we live, had the best lunch at Railroad Cafe, got ice cream sundaes at Another Time Soda Fountain, took a nap and went to dinner at Diego's Cantina in Sugar Land (can't recommend).  



If you can't tell, we also bought a new camera on Saturday (after mine was stolen months ago).  This was another check off the maternity to-do list.  Jason was having fun testing it out all weekend! 

Sunday after many household chores we headed to our first prepared childbirth class.  It was 4 hours long at the hospital where we are delivering.  I can't say we learned too much since I am such a researcher, but it was still good to go, especially as a way to get Jason involved.  We had to watch 5 childbirths all of which occurred in the '80s...I get that childbirth doesn't change over the years, but I still think an update would be nice.  I'm really looking forward to our next class where we will learn more infant care, a topic I am so not an expert on. 

We ended the weekend with a special delivery of homemade chicken and dumplings from my mom since we were both pitiful.  It was the best gift ever!  We watched the Oscars in bed with chicken & dumplings.  Maybe it's because I wasn't feeling well, but I wasn't too wowed by the show or the fashions. 

Hopefully I will make a full recovery by Saturday when I have my first baby shower!  Can't wait. 

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. It wasn't just you- they were really boring this year! Hope you feel better soon!



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