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Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday! 

While in school (older than the elementary days) I never loved Valentine's Day.  Too many expectations for the day hoping that special someone would give you the perfect gift.  I never seemed to get the carnation in junior high, the balloons in high school or the romantic date in college.  As a single adult I disliked the holiday for the same reason, even if I had a boyfriend at the time it seemed my expectations were never really met and I focused on not having that special someone and/or perfect gift.  As a married gal the day is fun.  This year with so much going on in our lives I could have cared less if Jason did anything for me.  I would much rather save money for baby. 

So yesterday I was just able to treat it as a fun day.  I wore a pink shirt, bought my staff candy and Valentine's, took my mom out to lunch, splurged on dessert and wore red to yoga.  Jason was even a little surprised when I turned down dinner out with him and instead opted for prenatal yoga and a scrambled egg sandwich at home afterwards.  

Even though it was super low-key, we managed a little celebration and had a great day! 

J decorated my bathroom mirror with hearts...

...and the backdoor

I found a little surprise in my car when I left for work

Starbucks, chocolates, a lovenote and socks for swelling...sounds like the perfect Vday pregnany pack to me!

My gift to Jason...

A "Diaper Dude" men's diaper bag he had his eye on when we registered.  He wouldn't let me add it to the registry for him so I splurged and bought it for him!  A stylish dad he will be.

How did you celebrate yesterday?  Any good gifts worth sharing? 

Hope you have a great weekend! 



  1. Thought we pinkie swore we wouldn't tell about dessert.....I had a wonderful lunch with my valentine daughter!

  2. So sweet! I think not getting carnations in middle school (or getting them from the wrong person) ruined many girls' lives well into adulthood... though I do miss picking out perforated Valentine cards each year with my favorite cartoon character. Next year I want to celebrate elementary-school style!

  3. We are super low key as well. We opted for dinner in and we don't even exchange gifts. We always venture to target together pick out a movie and come home and watch it with the dessert I have made for the night. I made Valentine M&M Blondies .. yumm

    PS my parents had an oops baby about 6 months ago and he has the diaper dude and loves it!



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