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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bed Rest Update - Day 10

I'm still on bed rest and a low sodium diet. I'm going pretty stir crazy and hit a low last night, but today I'm feeling so much better.   

Friday I was so, so disappointed that we weren't checked into the hospital to have Jack. To tell you I was ready is an understatement.

Saturday our house got deep-cleaned (hooray) so I spent the day at my mom's house relaxing on the couch while Jason went to work to get a head start on projects in anticipation of being off a days once Jack arrives. Saturday night I was just full on depressed because I was tired of laying around, tired of watching TV, tired of reading, tired of sleeping. I know I will look back on this in a few weeks and long for days of laying around, but Saturday night it just got to me!  I was bummed to miss Sara's Lingerie Shower and Girls Night Out that was going on while I was stuck at home.  I was also crazy craving a pizza last night, but obviously couldn't have one due to my diet restrictions...funny how every commercial seemed to be one for pizza!

Today (Sunday) I'm feeling better about things.  Jason is getting lots done around the house, I'm not feeling so stir crazy (probably because my body is feeling so sluggish and heavy) and I'm getting out of bed a bit to do some chores. 

I'm also so excited because we have a full-size refrigerator/freezer being delivered today to put in our garage!  Our current refrigerator in our house is great, but not huge and we are packed to the max.  Since it's only going to get worse with our growing family we figured a second one would be great for storage purposes.  Yay! 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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  1. I had a weekend where I was having consistent contractions so I called my doctor and she told me I didn't sound like I was uncomfortable enough to be in labor. I was so, so disappointed.

    Those last few weeks are rough. Hang in there!



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