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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Push Presents

By the way, sorry all of my posts as of late have been about pregnancy and baby stuff.  It's all my mind can wrap around right now.  I'll try to branch out more soon!

Is everyone familiar with the concept of a push present?  I wasn't until a few years ago. 

Wikipedia defines a push present as:

"A push present (also known as a push gift, baby mama gift or baby bauble) is a present a partner gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room. The giving of push presents has supposedly grown in the United States in recent years.  The name push gift although indicative of a vaginal delivery does not exclude those women who have given birth through a C-section."

I'm on the fence with this one.  Isn't your gift a.) your BABY and b.) the fact that the baby is out of you!  However, it is sweet to receive a little gift to mark the milestone.  It is a nice gesture that your partner wants to show appreciation for sacrificing your body for nine months plus getting through labor!

I told Jason not to get me anything (expect for food I might be craving after delivery), especially since my 30th birthday will be just a few days/week after having Jack and Mother's Day is right around the corner too.  Our wedding anniversary is also in May so there is going to be PLENTY of celebrating going on! 

I have a sneaking suspicion he might have something up his sleeve, but I'm sure it will be more sentimental than extravagant.  I mean we have been showered with gifts for the past few months already, plus having a baby is the greatest gift of all.

I'm not judging those who do participate in this tradition.  I would probably feel different if May wasn't packed with so many other celebrations. 

If you do choose/already did partake in receiving a push present, what would you want/what was it? 

It seems most people go the jewelry, earrings, necklace, bracelet.  Something special to wear to mark the milestone.  Tiffany & Co. and David Yurmin seem to be popular (albeit expensive) ways to go.  I've had friends receive all sorts of things...a new camera, a gun (only in Texas), an anniversary band, and lots of jewelry with the baby's birthstone or initials incorporated into it. 

And of course after talking to Jason about it, he thought for awhile and said..."if you end up needing a c-section, does the husband get to take the gift back?"  Typical guy!  I guess it just turns from a "push present" to a "surgery present."


  1. Here's my take. When we ha Sofia, I got a simple sterling charm with her name and birthdate for the charm bracelet I already had. To me, that was more to celebrate her birth than being a "push present". I'm all for something that represents baby. But, I absolutely hate the term "push present". It seems like such an "entitlement". Yes, it's a special occasion, but seriously, that term just reeks of "spoiled". Again, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a gift. Especially something representing baby. Or even a camera that you'd obviously use for the baby. I guess my problem is when a woman comes to expect her "push present". The sense of entitlement is what I have an issue with. More power to any husband that WANTS to buy his wife a gift!

  2. They even do "push" presents here in Norway! Although for them they usually give a small diamond to add to their rings because the engagement rings/wedding bands are very simple and modest here (diamonds being uber pricey here).

    Personally, I have always wanted a nice pearl necklace and I figured this might be the "excuse" to get one. ESPECIALLY when I realized that the June birthstone is a pearl. ;-) I also didn't realize how pricey those things were though when I asked... :-/ So we will see what happens!

    1. I think that is a great excuse for a pearl necklace...that is a keep forever piece that you could even pass down to your daughter one day. I have my grandmother's pearl necklace that my grandfather purchased for her while he was overseas at war. I wore it on my wedding day and everytime I wear it now I think of her.

      That is very interesting that push presents are common on Norway too. I figured it was just an excessive American tradition!



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