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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had such an amazing weekend!  We have just a few more weekends before becoming parents and we are spending them celebrating Jack and prepping as much as we can before his big debut. 


My dad and stepmom, Karin came over to our house for dinner.  It was great to see them one more time before Jack gets here!


Baby shower day!  First, I attended a baby shower for me and Jack at the Junior League Tea Room hosted by all of my sweet friends from the Junior League.  More pics and full post coming later this week!

Jack is so spoiled and lucky!!!
Later that day I attended Ashley's baby shower!  It was so great to see her since she doesn't live in Houston anymore and to celebrate Baby Junebug, a boy due just five weeks after Jack.  I still can't believe we are having babies so close to each other and they are both boys.  Truly amazing.  Ashley looked beautiful and had a beautiful shower.  She received so many great gifts for baby boy. 



Jason and I worked our butts off!  We finished organizing my home office, did yard work, so many loads of laundry (mostly Jack's stuff) and random other baby tasks. 

Earlier in the week we spotted this owl in our backyard and had multiple visits from a family of 5 raccoons who we think live underneath our deck!

We continued to receive so many gifts for Jack!  What a loved boy!

Ocean Friends book from my Grandma in Arkansas
A whole package of loot from Jason's sister Stephie, who also has a sweet baby boy!
What a weekend!  Hope you had a great one too.  Have a wonderful week!

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