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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Brief History of Me

A couple of weeks ago Lauren from Method to my Madness posted "A Brief History of Me" and I loved it so much I decided to do the same thing.  Enjoy and feel free to jump on this bandwagon and do the same on your blog. 

Ten years ago...

Baby Tucker
  • I was 20 and a junior in college at the University of North Texas living in Denton, TX
  • I worked at a sorority/fraternity store called Loyd's Greek Store and was a bartender at Chili's
  • I hated that I could serve drinks, but not legally drink them
  • I had 2 tattoos
  • I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with Lauryn, my freshman year dorm roomie!
  • I drove a black Honda Civic, aka Gavin
  • Tucker was born!!!

Eight years ago...

My partner in crime, Sheryl from Cox Radio
This was the year of craziness...I was trying to find my way post-college and didn't do a great job of finding it at first. 
  • I was 22 and had just graduated college
  • I moved back to Houston without a full-time job and lived in my parent's pool house
  • I had three part-time jobs while I looked for something full-time: waitress at Chili's, intern with a PR group and a promotions girl at 107.5 Oldies station.  I'm exhausted just thinking about that!
  • I had 3 stupid!
  • I joined Jenny Craig to lose the weight on put on in college
  • I bought myself my first laptop with my college graduation money
  • Within a few months of working 3 part time jobs I got a full-time gig at Cox Media working as an Account Manager selling radio

Five years ago...

With my posh bob and HBU polo

This was the year of HBU {Houston Baptist University}...I worked there, went to school there, lived super close and lived in HBU polos like above!  I even lived on campus for a few weeks each year for summer orientation. 
  • I was 25 and was working full-time in higher education and going to school part-time in an MBA program
  • I had been dating Jason for about a year and got engaged a little later in the year
  • I spent most of my waking hours with Ashley...literally
  • I started a blog called Life's a Beach.  This was my first blog and was before The Perfect Catch Blog was born.  It was a collaborative blog with me and Tucker (my dog) silly!  If you want a laugh, go check it out.  It's fun to go back and read especially since it chronicles before Jason and I were married.
  • I lived in a tiny apartment by myself that I was so cozy!
  • I was still in 'ole Gavin, the Honda Civic

Three years ago...

This was a year of change...we both changed jobs, moved, made new friends and I worked on getting healthier.
  • I was 27 and had just changed careers yet again from higher education to health care
  • I sold Gavin and bought myself a little Mazda Miata convertible, named Zuma as an MBA graduation gift. 
  • Jason and I celebrated our first year of marriage in Costa Rica
  • We went to Vegas for the first time for Stephie's wedding
  • I joined the Junior League of Houston
  • We sold Jason's town home that we'd been living in (but I never really felt at home in)
  • I started working out and joined Weight Watchers to lose my "Newlywed 19" as I called it

Two years ago...

This was the year of fun...concerts, travel and lots of selfish us time before we had kids.
  • I was 28 and happy to live inside the loop in a cute little apartment that did feel like home
  • Jason and I started to get the baby itch, but didn't tell anyone
  • We went to Vegas with my brother, New Orleans and I went to Fredricksburg twice
  • I discovered my love of Tory Burch and Lululemon
  • I was in a major workout craze with Define and Les Mills Body Combat
  • We saw some amazing shows like The Avett Brothers and Foster the People

So far this year...

This is the year of family...Jason and I started a family and are settling into our new roles as parents.
  • I became a mom
  • Turned 30
  • Celebrated 4 years of marriage, Tucker's 10th birthday and one year in our house in the 'bubrs!
  • Found a church home and had Jack baptized
  • Became a contributor for Houston Moms Blog


  1. And I'm so grateful you have allowed me to share every step of the way...

  2. Cute blog idea!! I may have to jump on board!

  3. I learned so much! I worked in promotions, too (it was so fun but it kind of sucked, right?). I love how you named everything the year of ____. Also, three years in and I am still looking at that darn newlywed nineteen. Not cool marriage, not cool!



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