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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jack: 5 Months!


Length:  27 inches
Weight: 17 lbs
Head Circumference:  17 inches
Based on measurements we took at home 10/3/13...therefore not very reliable!
Size 3 Diapers

Milestones this month:
  • Sitting up assisted in your bumbo, boppy, and all of your other toys. 
  • Moving out of your swaddles for good and into sleep sacks at night
  • Moving up to Size 3 diapers
  • First time in the jumperoo
  • First time in the highchair...not to eat, but just to sit and watch us eat at dinnertime
  • First time in the jogging stroller
  • Not fussing during tummy time
  • You can really see, grab and interact with your toys
  • Starting to roll over
  • Grabbing your feet
  • Recognizing your name and our voices is a sure thing now
  • Wearing 6 month clothing...and even some 9 month pjs! 

Things you like this month:
  • Talking
  • Sticking your hands (and everything else) in your mouth.  Your hands have replaced your pacifiers
  • Facing out in the Baby Bjorn and Baby Ktan
  • Your activity mat and all of your stroller toys especially the Owl and Kushies Lovebug
  • Grabbing your toes
  • Grabbing our faces and pulling my hair
  • Watching Tucker run around
  • Your dad....your dad makes you laugh more than anyone else.  I provide the comfort, dad provides the entertainment
  • Swing time especially when you are sleepy
  • Mirrors
Things you don't like this month:
  • Falling asleep...all of the sudden you fight sleep, both naps and bedtime.  What's the deal?
  • Afternoons are still your fussy time
  • That's about are still such a happy guy!
Special memories this month:
  • You busted out laughing at the cute little girl scouts that came to our door.  You little flirt!
  • We discovered on accident that us coughing makes you laugh hysterically.  Now we walk around fake coughing all the time.
Dear Jack,

I can't believe you have only been in our lives for 5 months.  You are such a part of me now it feels like you've been with me forever.  Your personality is really starting to show.  You are playful, silly and very inquisitive.  You will talk and laugh with us, but most of the time you like to observe and take things in first.  You definitely like your routine and familiar faces.  Too many new things all at once upsets you, but you can be calmed down by your mom and dad.  Whenever you get really upset, singing seems to do the trick.  When you see me and smile, it melts my heart completely.  Love you little pumpkin!



  1. Jack is so cute! I'm loving this age with Wyatt, he's so giggly and happy! :)

  2. Oh goodness he is just too cute!! Enjoy this goes by so quickly!



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