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Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday

This has been a booger of a week so if I haven't emailed you back, responded to your blog comment or even called you back - I'm sorry!  My normally happy baby has turned into a fussy, grumpy, not ever wanting to sleep little guy.  I'm taking him to the doctor today to see if we can pinpoint the cause...teething, allergies, my diet...I have no idea and its the worst feeling in the world.  We have a busy weekend and house guests so I can't promise I will do any better on responding, but I will certainly try!  Sorry to be Debbie Downer today, but I always appreciate when bloggers are real about things...womp, womp! 

Here are 5 HAPPY things to focus on! 


It's been a week since I cut and colored my hair and I am 110% happy with my decision.  I love it and love how easy it is!


Houston Moms Blog just announced the Cutest Texans Fan Photo Contest.  The prize is amazing and I will be super jealous when you win.  It includes a ton of cute Texans items for mom, dad and kiddos, plus a photography session.  Good luck and Go Texans!

Can you spy Jack and Tucker in the post


In TV news, The Walking Dead returns on Sunday night.  Is it weird that the theme music to Walking Dead reminds me of being pregnant?  All of those Walking Dead marathons last spring stuck with me!

New shows that I'm loving so far are The Blacklist and Trophy Wife.  Still loving Parenthood and The Voice so much!  Did anyone watch the Cory Monteith tribute on Glee last night?  I have it recorded and hope to watch (with a box of tissues) this weekend. 


Ashley from Everything's Hunky Dorey sent me a sweet email yesterday nominating me for the Sunshine Blog Award.  Thank you Ashley!  You made my day and I look forward to posting my responses soon.  I love new bloggy friends!!!


Jack's 4 month pictures that I ordered from Studio Ainsley were ready for pickup today.  Not only are the images amazing as I've already discussed here, but the studio does such an awesome job of packaging everything up.  They always throw in a special surprise!!!  Even their USB Flash Drives are precious!  It's like Christmas!

Funny how God works.  I've had such a crazy week, yet look at all the good things that happened in the past few days to lift me up.  Special thanks to Ashley also for all of her helpful texts this week too.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Jacks photos look precious! I know what you mean about the Debbie Downer thing. I haven't blogged since July! Need to get on that. Of course now I'm picturing the Debbie Downer skit from SNL and its making me giggle!

  2. Wyatt is doing the same fussy, grump, no sleep thing as well. I think it's mainly teething...ugh. We can see the top two teeth (weird, right??) coming in. Hopefully the doctor helps you figure whatever it is out.

    Definitely grab a box (or two) of tissues for's a doozie! And I'm also so excited for WD on Sunday!!

  3. Total bummer about having a grumpy baby on your hands - worse when you have no idea why. Even if you can't do much to help, it is still nice to know the reason. I very much hope it gets better from here on out.

  4. Your hair looks great! Oh and I absolutely love when businesses package things well - it just makes me like them all that more!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I almost wish I had a kid because the Texans thing sounds awesome. But, we aren't Texans fans, so I guess I am doubly ineligible :) I am so ready for the Grimes Gang to be back and I am loving Parenthood too but they better leave Joel and Julia alone! Hope your weekend is calmer and you figure out what's up with Jack!



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