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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

I'm jumping on the blogger bandwagon for Wishlist Wednesday.  What is on your current wishlist? 

1.  Ergo Baby Carrier - I registered for a Baby Bjorn without giving it much thought.  It seemed reasonably priced and very popular.  After using it a lot since Jack can now hold his head up and I like to baby wear when we are out, I've come to learn that not all baby carriers are created equal.  The Baby Bjorn Air that we own cuts into Jack's legs and leaves him with harsh red marks and cuts.  I also just read an article about the dangers of wearing a baby facing forward, but that's another topic.  I did a quick, non-scientific poll on Facebook and 97% of the responses said to get an Ergo.  Where have I been? 

2.  New pair of Toms - I own one pair of Toms and absolutely adore them.  Unfortunately I wore mine on a rainy day last weekend and they got covered in mud.  I've washed them several times already, but they are permanently brown.  Time for a new pair...I'm going with black this time!

3.  Sparkly Sweatshirt - These just look cozy and cute!  Gap has a version for $44.95 (currently offering 30% off online only using code GAPNEW).  Old Navy has a cute gold version on sale for $17.00.

4.  Spanx "Ready to Wow" Structured Leggings - These leggings are supposed to hold in your midsection really well and are thick enough to not bee see through.  Perfect for my post-baby body this winter!

5.  Eye Hope - the name says it all and I've heard great things!


  1. Loving my Ergo carrier now that baby is bigger and my Spanx leggings arrived yesterday evening, so I will try them on and let you know how they are!!

    1. Already purchased the Ergo...I think the Spanx are next on my list! You are a bad influence on me :)



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