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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

...And I'm Also Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you enjoy your special day tomorrow with your family, friends, computer for online shopping or just some quiet time alone.  We will be spending the next few days with family. 

Heather and Amber are hosting a great link-up today about what we are also thankful for.  The obvious ones being our friends and family.  You all know I am so incredibly thankful for my precious son, husband, pup, mommy and all of my family and friends. 

This year, I'm also thankful for:
  • My neighborhood Starbucks...even though I'm mostly drinking Decaf these days, it give me an emotional boost when I'm tired or cranky.  Plus the baristas are quickly becoming my new friends even noticing little haircuts or changes in my makeup when no one else does. 
  • Target...why is this store so perfect when Jack and I need to get out of the house, but have no place to go
  • My home and neighborhood...I just get happy every day when I drive into my neighborhood.  I feel like it's exactly where Jason and I are supposed to be
  • Ugg slippers...just go try some on and you will understand. 
  • Houston Moms Blog...what an amazing community of friends I am so blessed to be a part of!  Be sure and check out our post tomorrow about everything we are thankful for. 
  • My little bloggy community...I talk about all of you as if we are real life friends that I've met.  I love "seeing" you on the blog and instagram everyday even if we are miles away!
  • The would I get my Christmas shopping done this year without it (among many other things)
  • Studio Ainsley Photography...several people have mentioned that I may have a problem with professional photo sessions and my son.  My response?  Why yes I do now let's move on. 
  • Stretchy and curvy jeans from post pregnancy, busy, lazy (oxymoron) body is thankful for you. 
  • current social media obsession and how I've survived nursing.  Follow me @ChelseaPurifoy
What are you also thankful for this year? 


  1. Loving all the HMB ladies!! And seriously- how would any of us survive without Starbucks? Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My smart, kind, beautiful, wonderful daughter.



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