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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful weekend!  I was busy, but also took some time to focus on my family.  Read all about how I did that over at Houston Moms Blog


We did what's become our standard Friday and relaxing.  "Relaxing" is supposed to be a movie, but Jason usually falls asleep right after giving Jack his bath so I'm left to catchup on my blog, emails {and reality TV}! 


The three of us had an appointment at Studio's a secret until Christmas cards go out, but I'm really, really excited!  Then Jack and I rushed off to my company's Houston Family Picnic.  Jason stayed home to work on a school paper.  The weather was gorgeous outside; a perfect day for a picnic.  Jack was a little overwhelmed by all of the people and sounds, but we had a great time.

Since the picnic was close to my dad's house we stopped by on our way home.  Jack was entertained the entire time by my dad's cat Snuggles.  This was Jack's first time to really interact with an animal since Tucker is a little on the antisocial side. 

I had every intention of stopping by the grand opening of The Vintage Pearl in Sugar Land Town Square.  I drove around 5 times looking for a parking spot, but since a wine event was going on it was cray, cray and Jack was fussy so home we went!  Did anyone get to go?  Hopefully I can make it by soon.

Jason made me an awesome dinner...I think he felt bad for making me a single parent most of the weekend and we watched The Purge.  Super intense movie, but good!  If you liked The Strangers, this is the movie for you. 


Jason was still working on that {stupid} paper so Jack and I went to church in the morning and then picked up lunch from Five Guys.  We stayed at home most of the day taking down Halloween decorations, putting away ALL of the clothes Jack has outgrown {too fast} and doing laundry.  I had my first red-cup of the season and took way too many pictures of Jack in honor of his 6-month birthday!!!  Where does the time go???

Hope you had a great weekend too!  Did you do anything exciting? 


  1. Wyatt loves his kitty cats, it's so cute! So glad Jack was able to interact with him. Ours have learned to keep out of reach. :)

    Can't wait to see Jack's pictures. I know they'll be adorable!

  2. I love the Vintage Pearl, although I have to be an online shopper from here in WA state. :) Love your follower in bloglovin! -Andrea



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